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8 months ago
Me at least 8 days a week
1 day ago
That's one thing people need to understand. I don't want to end my life. I just want to end this constant pain that is killing me inside. Even if I'm okay for a while I want to die. Just like right now. This huge down phase is over (I think) but still I want to die. Because I can't take it anymore. All these ups and downs changing like the fucking weather. One moment I feel like shit, the selfhate is overwhelming and I feel fucking lost and lonely. And the next moment I feel like I could really through this shit and one day everything could be better. But sadly the down phases are getting more often and worse everytime. I just don't have the power anymore to fight every single day. I'm so tired and exhausted. #Depression #Suicide #SuicidalThoughts #IJustWantToDie #Tired #Exhausted
4 days ago
Sometimes, I just want to pie ☠️🍕bestie tats on some of the fam #pnw #tattoo #pizzatattoo #pizzaboyzzz #deathpizza #666 #hailsataneatpizza #pizza #ijustwanttodie
5 days ago
Thanks #government I was hoping to get my car checked out and pay off my maxed out credit card. Now I'll just keep scraping week after week to hopefully afford food since I apparently make too much to qualify for welfare. #StarvingArtist #thankstrump #ihatemylife #killme #ijustwanttodie what happens when I can't afford both my antidepressants and rent? Fuckkkkkkk I can't keep my mental health straight when I'm fucking broke all the goddamn time
6 days ago
- A
7 days ago
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