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Fun fact: A rooster made the first trip across the #brooklynbridge. Technically, the rooster was tied for first. Emily Warren Roebling earned the honor of being the first human to make the trip across the historic bridge, riding proudly in a carriage a week before its official opening with a rooster on her lap for good luck.
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🌠🏙️🎄Have a nice day dear friends! 🎄🌠 The view on Empire State Building. 🔴Смотрите Прямой эфир в записи - Централ парк осенний ! 🍁🍁🍁 ❤️❤️❤️Отличного всем Дня , друзья! 🏙️🌠🎄 Вид с 41 этажа на Эмпайр Стэйт билдинг. 🏙️🏙️🏙️. 😆 — Доктор, у моей жены пропал голос. Что делать? — Попробуйте сегодня вернуться домой в три часа ночи ... 😆😆😆 🏙️ 🏙️ 🏙️ #instagood #instadaily #christmascoming #centralpark #manhattan #nyc #ny #ilovenyc #november #november2017 #iloveamerica #america #newyork #beautiful #nice #likebackalways #каток #park #ноябрь_2017 #november #november_2017 #manhattanview #november #nyc🗽 #ny #empirestatebuilding
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While I wasn't born here, I was raised here and grew up knowing this country as my only home. I never truly identified as Honduran and didn't have any attachment to it aside from being my birthplace. Luckily I never had to face the struggles my mother had to go through with no formal education and low paying jobs. I never went to college but I now have the job I always dreamed as having since a little kid. I've been blessed to have the opportunity of taking advantage of the "American Dream". Unfortunately lately it seems like those values are slowly being eroded by those who falsely claim to be making America "great again". We are now living in a tumultuous political climate where our freedom and rights are at risk. I can no longer let others speak for me and must let my own voice do the talking for me. Thanks to encouragement and help from @sfarks28 , I can now claim what I've always know and felt. I am now an American citizen. I now share the journey millions of immigrants have endoured along the path to citizenship. I love this country and wouldn't trade it for any other in the world. Hopefully my children will be lucky to have the same opportunities I've been fortunate to enjoy. Now to start looking for my right to 🐻 arms and the best BBQ in the world. #uscitizenship #uscitizen #iloveamerica
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