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Seriously don't know why anyone still supports drump. #trumpsucks #resist #resistance #impeach45 #impeachtrump
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@hot4hillaryclinton (@get_repost) ・・・ This guy is a self hating, closeted, homophobic piece of 💩. Not as bad as don the con but still bad. @project1460orless ・・・ DAY TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY: Today it was revealed that at some point Donny "joked" about how Pence wanted to, "Hang all the gays." Hilarious right? Right? Hang...the gay...because it's...funny because...(sigh) guess you had to be there. And be a fucking psychopath. Though, admittedly, it actually is sort of funny from at least one point of view, that being that everybody kind of thinks Pence is gay. And, yes, there's definitely a bit of a "The lady doth protest too much methinks." Thing going on with him. As well as with...well...most of the Republican members of congress for that matter. I'm looking at you...practically everybody. And, yeah, I have no idea if Pence is gay or not. (The consensus from the gay community seems to be, "Oh holy fuck yes he's gay." For what it's worth) But it's certainly possible. And certainly wouldn't be the first time. And if he is then, I mean, as awful as he is, that's just really fucking sad. And just incredibly depressing. Makes me actually feel kind of sorry for the...horrible, horrible, horrible guy. If he's gay that is. And Mike, if so, we're with you buddy. There's still time. If not, go fuck yourself. In other news, Donny gave one of his more unhinged (and they're all pretty hingeless) news conferences where, among other things, he finally addressed the 4 Green Berets that were killed (just like in Benghazi, but, you know, now it's no big deal) by saying something about how Obama never called the families of fallen soldiers. Which of course he did. He then lied about a bunch of other stuff and made Mitch McConnel look like he was actually, no really this time, going sink his horrible little turtle head back into his shell. And then the rest of the world was just generally a giant shit-show. Which of course stopped being news about 270 days ago. #project1460orless #trump #fucktrump #notmypresident #resist #greenberets #obama #impeach45 #impeachtrump #fuckmaga #maga #psychopath #notlaughing #pence #mikepence #mitchmcconnell #pencewa
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