Over the last 48 hours Trump appears to be setting the stage to end the probe into his administration. Trump had never said the name Mueller in a tweet until yesterday, but he’s now attacked him multiple times. Trump’s lawyer released a statement yesterday calling for the end of the probe. According to groups tracking Twitter accounts run by Russian software, tweets with the name Rosenstein are up 2,000% in the last two days to build fake grassroots support for the end of the probe. The former CIA director, FBI director and deputy FBI director are now openly attacking Trump. House Democrats have now said publicly that they did find evidence of collusion in their probe. Senate Democrats are calling for urgent hearings into what’s happened this week. This all feels like a serious crescendo. If you are interested in joining a rapid response team to help orchestrate a response in the event that Mueller is fired you can find your local groups here: https://act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/search/ #democracy #trump #mueller #protest #impeachtrump #impeachment #impeach #democrats #democrat
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Carole is ready to rally next weekend in Louisiana! Stand up, fight back! #fuckthenra #gunreformnow #neveragain #wecallbs @caroleturner (Donation: @everytown) trumpforprison.org
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😂👍 What a time to be alive said Trevor Noah: The Wall has it’s own wall & the president has his own president 🤣 ©️️ @thedailyshow
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😟 How low(er) can Trump go? 🤢 ©️️ claytoonz.com
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🙀 Come on guys this has 2 be a morbid joke ... #trophyhuntersarecowards ©️️ @mercurial_era
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