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8 days ago
Ben Carson being destroyed by a leading member of congress, Al Green. This is the type of mindless trash Orange has leading our agencies.
3 hours ago
Kordale Lewis has just returned from a late-night visit to the shops with his daughters, Desmiray, 11, and Maliyah, 10. Their large, grandly furnished home in the Atlanta suburbs is humming with anticipation of an imminent family trip to Paris. The girls have bought some accessories and Kaleb Anthony, Kordale’s partner, is taking an inventory.
4 hours ago
38 minutes ago
Quick how to start WW3 guide. 1) Espouse more nationalist fervour domestically and abroad 2) Reduce number of diplomats on staff and drag ass on filling any vacancies 3) Increase military spending #impeachtrump #tillersonistheworst
2 hours ago
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