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As #CalStateLA alums, it was imperative that we support the Humanities and @CalStateLA Professor Bidhan Roy’s @WordsUncaged presentation at Senator @BenAllenCA‘s Joint Committee on the Arts hearing in #Sacramento. Here’s the full transcript of my testimony during public comments. I had in mind my friend @LilyBug83, and the many incarcerated Californians who are still learners, still human. . . . “Good afternoon. My name is Jonathan Pacheco Bell. I’m an urban planner at the County of Los Angeles, and I work exclusively in the unincorporated areas of #SouthCentral #LosAngeles. . . . The #Humanities are crucially important to the people I serve. The Humanities teach us to reflect, to question, to debate, to confront, and to enjoy our human condition in all of its complexities. . . . Humanities education empowers our stakeholders to interrogate and resist oppressive power structures that are part of daily life in South Central L.A. . . . Your constituents include many Californians #incarcerated in our state’s prisons. Far too many folks of the #workingclass, far too many #PeopleofColor. They’re our neighbors, family, and friends. . . . #Incarceration does not arrest the human need to read, to write, to speak. #WordsUncaged offers them a space to engage in critical dialog and reflection that enriches time spent behind bars, and prepares some for reintegration in the community. WordsUncaged reminds us that they, too, are Human. . . . Dr. Bidhan Roy was kind enough to come down to the community of @FlorenceFirestone; that’s the #unincorporated area just north of #Watts. He presented WordsUncaged to our #FlorenceFirestone Community Leaders group and got 100 percent support for the project. Dr. Roy is the Real Deal. . . . Senators and Committee, for these reasons, I ask that you support the Humanities in #California, and expand WordsUncaged statewide. Thank you.”
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#rt if your a #parent whos ever been #arrested #nicked #incarcerated or in #troublewiththelaw and u have a bit of an #impulsive / #wildside u #needtowatch this #documentry #trustme
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Thanks for sending over the pictures in your new #forgiveeveryone hoodie @dewaltdavis147! Glad you like it :) Thank you for supporting us and returning citizens. . Portion of the proceeds from every sale go to help previously #incarcerated men and women find #employment, #housing, and #rehabilitation . Everyone is deserving of #love. Everyone is deserving of #forgiveness. . New blog posts coming your way this week!
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Are you looking to #advocate and become an ally for incarcerated mothers? This a growing list of resources for advocates who are seeking information that will benefit a #breastfeeding mother who is #incarcerated. Available in English and Spanish on our website! . . . . . . . . #prison #jail #incarceration #newmom #newbaby #courtdate #lawyer #breastfeeding #pumpingmom #exclusivelypumping #ally #advocate #friendofthecourt
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Today, a #chapter closed in my life. I #struggle with change. Always have. I think it’s because I have sought out a feeling of #home my entire life. The feeling that I #belong, that I’m #seen, that I’m a part of and not on the outside. When I find that, it is so hard to leave. Feeling safe is comfortable and easy, but I have to take risks in order to grow. Maybe one of these days I will realize that feeling I have been chasing all these years only exists inside of myself. *I* have to be my soft place to land. Leaving my job at the department of corrections today was really tough. During my time at CDOC, I not only developed clinical skills, but more importantly, I found #selfconfidence to speak up and stand up for systemic failures. I learned that systems don’t change unless you truly believe that YOU have the capacity to #change them, no matter how much #resistance you face. I learned that I have #value and I don’t need to hustle for my #worthiness. It’s been the greatest honor in my life thus far to have been able to advocate for and bring about policy changes related to the care of #incarcerated #transgender people. As I move on and start working in the Arapahoe County Jail tomorrow, I hope that I continue finding my voice and grow as a clinician. My work is not done!! For now, as I’m closing this chapter, I’m also actively choosing to move on from people, places, situations which make me feel sad, perpetrate shame, and make me feel small. I’m human, with many flaws, but I love wholeheartedly and need to pursue people, places, and situations which find value in that kind of vulnerability, flaws and all. Here’s to stepping outside of comfortable...and hopefully finding a new kind of peace.
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Blown away by how good this looks. Model shots tomorrow.. pick one up for yourself! Portion of proceeds help provide previously #incarcerated men and women with #employment, #housing, and #rehabilitation. #forgiveeveryone . Side note: Would you guys appreciate a blog post on the significance of the rose regarding racial and socioeconomic issues in america? Let me know in the comments
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