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Welcome to my lair, darlings! Midnight Gypsy on Bent Street, Landmark Square, in the old bank building in historic downtown Powell, WY. #smallbiz #indiperfume #shoplocal #WyomingHome #LooseTeas #WaxMelts #Candles #incense #crystals #handmadejewelry I also have gorgeous scarves and pashminas, unique #Halloween gear like feather collars, flapper style butterfly headbands, rosebud crowns, and all manner of #NouveauVictorian finery. If you're local or happen to be visiting the area, stop in and see me!
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| 10/17/17 | 9:51 PM | - Guess who's package came! I'm so blessed to be able to babysit wonderful children to earn money to keep up with my craft. Everything I got in the mail today were the Bast and Anubis statues, the wooden slab, the herb journal, the abalone shell, smudge stick, stand, cauldron, and my altar cloth! - I'm so pleased with my purchase other than the fact that my wooden slab was supposed to be 10" x 7" and it's much smaller. I'm still going to make use of it for now but other than that my favorite purchase was my smudge kit. It was only $10.95 for the HUGE abalone shell, stand, and white smudge stick. Everyone in the reviews complained about their smudge stick not being able to light and the shell was way too small. I took a risk and I'm very pleased. It's bigger than 6" when it was expected to be 4"-5" and the smudge stick is AMAZING. It's a wonderful smelling bundle and I normally hate the white sage smell but this one is growing on me. It lights super easy as well. I'm also really excited about my new pentacle cauldron! I don't know if it's preseasoned or if it isn't seasoned. I think it's already preseasoned though because it has that oily feel and shine. The altar cloth is actually an xxs tapestry that was only $8! I wanted something black and white to be neutral and the color white purifies and the color black protects. - - One of my favorite elements on my altar is probably the cat jawbone on the feminine side of my altar. (I didn't kill the cat, it had been passed away when I collected it with my friend!) It brings me super strong energies and it was a lucky find since I'm working with Bast. I also decided to get smaller statues because the time the new year / Yule comes around I want to work with a different goddess and mainly work with a goddess. I'm not going to tell you all any of my possible choices yet because it can change! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Blessed be! -
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some ocean incense to relax before bed. 😌🌊 i went to Things (a smoke shop) the other day and they had so many delicious smelling incense and for an amazing price, imo. i got to pick 10 for $2. #incense #scent #scents #relaxing #peaceful #relax
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In need of a little energetic uplifting! #copal #palosanto #whitesage #incense 🔥
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Painted another incense holder cause why not? Lmao #rosegold #bored #incenseburner #incense
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Welcome to Hawkspot Curio Shoppe, where all of your new age needs or modern era needs are achievable with our great prices! Many crystals, wands, mortar and pestals, sage, herbs, incense, and so much more! So keep an eye out for all of this great stuff. #crystals #newage #incense #mortarandpestle #sage #palosanto #wands #herbs #currio #shop #sale #sales #newageshop #hawkspot
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