People insist on testing me and my patience. They take my kindheartedness , and loving nature as a weakness . But what they don't know is that I can handle , GRACEFULLY, anything thrown my way and not stress one bit or break one sweat . #Norva #WelcomeToBonaducci #independentwoman #independentartist
6 minutes ago
Muva (def): Muva is my way of describing my motherhood. It represents how I choose to mother myself and my son. 😎😎😎 If you’ve ever been around or know anything about a Taurus child, you know they are very wise. Born a Taurus to a Taurus woman, I’ve always felt like an old spirit. Like this isn’t my first or last journey on this planet. 🌏🌍🌍 My first experience as a Muva occurred when my family went through some challenging times. For awhile, I had to be a sister/Muva to 2 younger siblings. That experience changed my life and showed me that, at a young age, I already had the capabilities of a Muva. Life went on with other experiences of Muvahood, mainly with men (we going to speak on that later!). 🌟🌟🌟 READ MORE at : link in bio.
17 minutes ago
To be independent, educated and Black is a powerful thing! Props to @im.angelabassett on her graduation from Yale University. 🙌🏾 #strongwomen #afro #naturalhair #curls #cachos #negra #noire #cheveuxnaturels #beauty #actress #blackwoman #independentwoman #myfluffypuffs
21 minutes ago
One of my anniversary gifts from my babes! To some this wouldn't mean a lot. But to me, this Tupperware container means more to me than expensive jewelry. It means more independence. Yesterday I was finally able to take soup to work for lunch! #nospills #cpproblems #independentwoman #hereallyknowsme #myman #firstanniversary #myotherhalf #youmakeiteasy
25 minutes ago
Anything materialistic I can give myself. Spoil me with your time, your effort. Spoil me with experiences. #love #qotd #lifequotes #independentwoman #happiness
27 minutes ago
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