"The traditional English flying ointment includes: 100 grams lard, 5 grams hashish (“first quality”), handful hemp flower, handful poppy flower, pinch powdered hellbore root, and pinch ground sunflower seed. _ Another European recipe calls for 3 grams annamthol, 50 grams extract of opium, 30 grams extract of betel, 6 grams cinquefoul, 15 grams henbane, 15 grams belladonna, 15 grams ordinary hemlock, 250 grams indian hemp (cannabis indica), 5 grams cantharides, gum tragacanth, powdered sugar, and any oil (olive oil recommended) or creme (lanoline recmmended)." _ _ - From 'The Book of Shadows' by Gerald Gardner. Which includes multiple recipes for flying ointments, derived from much older works. _ After the "flying ointment" was brewed, the witch's would take off all their cloths rubbing the hallucinogenic 'flying' ointment all over their bodies... _ Not quite enough of a kick to get things flying? They would next coat a broom stick with the ointment and well,... use it as a sexual phallic device! _ To the Moon with Cannabis! _ Artwork - Witches Sabbath by Hans Baldung in 1510 _ Check out my blog for more Cannabis #history like you've never heard at... thecannachronicles.com _ Cannabis Industry, I'm looking for advertisers to support the telling of Cannabis History.  Be a part of something positive, lets talk! _ #WitchesSabbath  #HansBaldung #art #witch #witches #sabbath #artwork #artist #painting #cannabis #flying #flyingointment #witchesbrew #marijuana #tincture #ointment #420 #broomstick #hemp #indianhemp #hashish #hash #hightimes #womenofhemp #cannabiscommunity #blog #hemphistory #topical
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America's Canine Cosmonaut _ Long before the Russians could launch Canine Cosmonaut's into space, the scientist at Parke Davis & Co had American canines flying high... _ At the turn of the 19th century, American Company's like Parke Davis & Co started planting fields of cannabis in America of seed obtained from Cannabis Indica stock straight from India. _ The Goal was to prove you could grow the same potency cannabis as India on American Soil! _ To prove this new Cannabis Americana was just as good as its old stock grown in India, extensive test would need to be done... _ The researchers at Parke Davis knew just who to turn to... Everyone's best friends, Dogs! _ During the Cannabis Americana study, researchers decided to intentionally try to find the fatal dose for Cannabis... _ For this attempt at death the researchers loaded a huge 60cc (2oz) syringe full of pure cannabis tincture and injected it into the jugular vein of a small 25 pound dog... _ Expecting a quick death, the researchers watched with amazement... _ Shockingly the dog not only survived the attempted overdose, but showed no lasting affects from the death defying dose... _ _ _ “At the beginning of our observations careful search of the literature on the subject was made to determine the toxicity of the hemp. Not a single case of fatal poisoning have we been able to find reported, although often alarming symptoms may occur. A dog weighing 25 pounds received an injection of two ounces of an active U.S.P. Fluid extract in the jugular vein with the expectation that it would certainly be sufficient to produce death. To our surprise, the animal, after being unconscious for about a day and a half, recovered completely. This dog received not alone the active constituents of the drug but also the amount of alcohol contained in the fluid extract. Another dog received about 7 grams of Solid Extract Cannabis with the same result. We have never been able to give an animal a sufficient quantity of a U.S. P. Or other preparation of the Cannabis (Indica or Americana) to produce death.” _ _ -from A Pharmacological study of Cannabis Americana (Cannabis Sativa) 1907 _ 👇 Continued Below 👇
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Too Busy Admiring Me To Figure Out My Crown Was A Bit Crooked ;Oh How I Love Him ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤😂😍❣️😩👸🏻👸🏽😌😘💪🏽🙌🏽👫💑💏 sb: Right Before The Ball Dropped #2018 #couples #newyear #newyearseve #love #hashtag #beautifulbrat #curlspoppin #curlyhair #curls #nomakeup #indianhemp #naturalbeauty @jayofrm86
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Srsly tho, double tap if u eva come home to a house with a dead crop and a yacht with a wet mop! 🤔 (Fck it bro dont water the fkn boat u fkn chatham 😛) 🤣🤣🤣#relatable #1791#meme #buds #sweetresinybuds #high #indianocean #indianhemp #weed #seaweed #smoke #boats #wasted #stash #ballast #memeoftheday #chatham #bongs @snoopdogg #bucketbongs #captaingeorgevancouverrn #mariner #1791memeoftheday #2hi2fuck
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My 2018 goal is for my entire life to be moisturized AF 😅 Been investing in new products for my hair,, Rose water has been my main since day 1 though ❤️ Feel free to share with me your natural hair routine, let's learn together 😊 #naturalhair#amla#mizani#sleekedges#indianhemp#rosewater#Afro#fashionblogger#nonnysniche
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Head over hills in 😍 with this Body Wash & Lotion from @nubianheritage. It smells amazing & actually is very moisturizing! I can’t wait to try everything else in this collection. #GetYouSome #SkinIsIn #NubianHeritage #IndianHemp #NeemOil #HaitianVetiver #BodyWash #BodyLotion #MoisturizeThatSkinHunny #Natural
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Police Arrest Man With 114 Bags Of #IndianHemp In Ogun State (Picture) #unilagmusic The Police in Ogun have arrested one Noah Olaore for allegedly being in possession of 114 bags of weeds suspected to be Indian hemp. The suspect was arrested on December 29, 2017, in front of the M.K.O Abiola Stadium, Abeokuta, the state capital. The arrest of the suspect followed an information received by men of the Federal Anti Robbery Squad that some hoodlums specialised in importing hard drug from Benin Republic into Ogun State were on their way again to the state. Upon the information, a team of FSARS operatives led by Inspector Adeyemi Akeem was detailed to go after the hoodlums and they accosted them in front of the M.K.O Abiola Stadium, where the suspect was arrested with the exhibits. Further investigation led the police to Igbo-Ora in Oyo State, where more bags of the weed were recovered, bringing the total bags of Indian hemp recovered from the suspect to 114. The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said that the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, had ordered a full scale investigation into the case with the aim of arresting other members of the syndicate. http://unilagmusic.com/police-arrest-man-with-114-bags-of-indianhemp-in-ogun-state-picture-unilagmusic/
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