"Oláaaaa! Tem alguém aí??!!" 😹 Mais uma do projeto lindo q fizemos com a @upacfortaleza para conscientizar que gatos e grávidas dão certo sim! Feio é o preconceito e a falta de informação! Ahhh essa lindinha carinhosa está na ONG só esperando um lar para chamar de seu!❤️❤️❤️ Foto: @tanastacio1 #houseofmycats #cats #catsofinstagram #gatos #pets #fotografia #photography #informacao #information #naocompre #adote #desabandone #seinforme #aculpanaoedogato
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So many samples!🤓 These guys are going into the -80*C freezer ❄️☃️ until I need them again. _____________________ These are frozen stocks of bacteria 👾 (E. Coli, specifically). When I want to grow new cultures of bacteria, all I have to do is scrape a tiny piece of the frozen sample, put it into a flask with bacterial growth media, wait a little bit.. And voila! They grow! _____________________ Why am I growing bacteria🧐? I need these guys 👾 to produce a protein that I need for my experiment! I give them the instructions 📄 (DNA) to make the protein, and then I wait for 4-6 hours ⏳ for the bacteria to work hard to make it, and then I extract the protein! Bacteria are such a valuable tool 🛠️️ in the lab. _____________________ Why are tubes so many colours? I don't know about you, but I think -80C is pretty cold 🌬️❄️. The colours help me quickly identify 🔍 which sample is which so I can get my samples and close the freezer ASAP. Leaving the door🚪 open too long also triggers a really annoying low temperature alarm 🚨.
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Join in with @lukekozlowski__ and I️ as we are going Live @ 12pm with our first Q&A! 🗣️👍🏼 Luke is a good friend, coach, and fellow UT student, we have been linking up lately to help eachother grow! We want to do the same with you so join in! We grow together fam! ❓❓ Any questions on Training, Nutrition, Supplementation? NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK, join in and let’s all gain knowledge together to get our gains better! ⬇️⬇️ In this industry the truth is there’s no secret, the question is whether or not you are training, eating, and habits are directly beneficial to your specific goals? Each goal has a specific regime you need to be following. Let’s talk about this and if you’re on the right track! And if you aren’t let us help you get on it then🚆🚆 STAY TUNED...
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