“I do not talk, I am just a rapper” okay but in this case I will be talking! Honoured to be one of the guest speakers featured on this month’s MoMonday in Niagara Falls along side some hella inspiring people. I literally have hundreds of videos of me on the internet (kinda scary when I really think about it) but one of them landed in Ronnie Fisher’s Facebook feed somehow. Now I’m freaking sharing my story & performing in the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls on Monday Nov 27th. The last two events I attended have been jaw dropping inspiring and I’m getting goosebumps being welcomed on this platform. MoMondays is all about real people, real stories and real inspiration. Excited to share a very different side of me. Holy smokes I’m really not in my bedroom anymore! • Tickets @ momondays.com/niagarafalls $15 online or $25 at the door • #Repost @suzikory (@get_repost) ・・・ #motivationaltalks #inspiringstories #momondaysniagara #womenwhorock #speakerslife #niagarafalls #hardrockcafe #publicspeaking #intimateperformance #spiritualgangster #bossbabe #girlboss #inspiration #motivation #momondays
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Yea yea. Another #transformationtuesday pic by Rod • My weight loss became an obsession that went a bit too far. On the left, I was at my lightest at 180 and thinking I still needed to lose more! On the right was this morning at 205. • I may have a bit more fat and a large amount of body issues still but I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin and am EXTREMELY thankful for my support system. Especially the past few months. @equinox and the team here has helped me see fitness through new lenses and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🖤
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NGE- JAS LAGI Hari ini akan datang ke peresminan kantor baru Client lalu berkunjung ke kantor client-turns-friend untuk sebuah courtesy visit. Jadi nge-jas lagi deh. Pake hitam, siapa takuuut?! #Handokowignjowargo #handokomaestro #maestro #maestrosociety #hawe #dongengbisnis #peopledevelopment #inspiringstories
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Afterglow, a Mountain Adventure Storytelling Podcast drops on December 1st. Link is in our profile. Our teaser intro is live and season one episodes begin weekly on 12.1.17 wherever you enjoy your podcast stories. Our kick-off episode is a tandem chat with high altitude mountaineers Adrian Ballinger @adrianballinger and Cory Richards @coryrichards .....Subscribe and tell a friend! #inspiringstories #inspiringconversations #storytellingisalive #theartoflistening #liveauthentic #realtalk #adventurestorytelling #adventurestories #afterglowpodcast #alpenglowsports #makingfunhappen #communityfirst
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Inspiration that circumstances don't define your story, your journey, nor your outcomes. Belief and hard work lead to possibilities and great things. . . . #inspiringstories #mindfulness #focus #believe #passion #create
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Have you tried #facebookcreator app yet, I love it, here’s a sneak peek of an intro I created for my #livestreams
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There's more to the story than a guy thinking 'Let's brew some beer'. It's only when you look deep enough (not in the bottle, lol) that you realize there's no point in wishing it were easier. Wish you were better. Because some are and that's how the world has better beer. :P #Carlsberg #beerbrewery #inspiringstories #morethanabeer #instastories
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“Losing my parents. And even having that fear scares me. Even thinking about it makes me choke up. There’s a very large age gap between us, I know it’s bound to happen sooner than I’d like - I just hope I’m strong enough. We are very close, they are everything to me. May God grant His Mercy upon them.” - Biggest fear. #coffeeandhenna #momo #shisha #hennaartist
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It’s not often we meet someone who’s better at casting than us, but Joel’s form looks perfect! 😜He says that his customers have become friends and the shop is a gathering place for locals. They have a sign on the front door that says " Welcome Home" and they mean it. The coffee pot is always on and on Saturdays they have homemade cookies. Mom and Pop shops inspire us. Check out our website if you'd like to introduce yourself and be considered for auditions.
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Anyone who knows me is well aware that I absolutely LOVE to talk !!! So rest assured this will not be a far stretch for me when I get to be one of the speakers at Momondays this coming Monday the 27th of November in Niagara, alongside several incredible speakers. I had the pleasure of attending Momondays earlier in the year, thanks to an invite from Robert Laidlaw with Barbara Lynn Doran at The Hard Rock in Toronto. An evening full of incredibly inspiring stories..... Honoured to have this opportunity to share mine along with a short acoustic set .... Look forward to seeing you all there XO #motivationaltalks #inspiringstories #momondaysniagara #theaxleffect #womenwhorock #speakerslife #niagarafalls #hardrockcafe #publicspeaking #acousticset #intimateperformance
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The name "Royal Treatment" came from a Steelhead fly Joel designed in 1997. It has become a favorite of some of his longtime customers and now it stands for a way of doing business.  Check out our website if you'd like to introduce yourself and be considered for auditions.
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Read how @rekiawinston ditched the makeup and started to embrace her skin.....Another story that inspires. Featured in @dailymail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5099447/Human-Oreo-wants-happy-skin.html #vitiligo #vitiligostrong #vitiligostory #skinstory #vitiligobeauty #vitiligobeauties #thevitlife #inspiringstories
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