I know the words will come, Eventually... They always do. But to end and at what cost to me. I would rather just be able to call your name ..out loud Than have the devine abiltiy to sprout the most beautiful poetries off the top of my head. I would rather have the luxury of seeing your beautiful face again, Of feeling your laughter reverberate through the room, in the dead of the night, while we watch some silly movie of a Samoan wedding, trying our very best to hold back the laughter...and failing. Oh, I would rather have so much more with you..Or even very little. But you had to go. You were happier gone. And as usual I must be the the strong one, unselfish one and let you be happily gone. But again I wonder, To what end and at what cost to me (Bonnie Mets) #poetries #poems #instapoetry #instapoem #instagrampoetry #instagramwriters #pain #lovepoems #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #freeverse
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