Five markets down, some incredible feedback and no frost bite yet, all good news #avoniceday
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When it’s the third day in bed sick without being able to taste anything, realising how much you have taken food for granted πŸ™πŸ€’πŸ€§... #boohoo #missyou #foodlover #mondaymotivation #sickday
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Beautiful produce from home and abroad at Morton’s. #irishfood #frenchfood #italianfood
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🍍Monday motivation 🍍- starting the week off right with a sweet & sour pork fakeaway 😘 Recipe by @jamesmartinchef from @bbcgoodfood online Made it yesterday so it would be quick to warm up when we got home 🏑 Altered the recipe slightly & added plenty of vegetables. It was delicious so will defo be adding it to the recipe collection. All we needed were some prawn crackers! Wrap up warm and have a great week! #sweetandsourpork #fakeaway #jamesmartin #bbcgoodfoodmagazine #healthy #recipes #freshingredients #goodfoodgoodmood #glutenfree #thegoodfoodgal #Belfastfoodblogger #Irishfoodblogger #instafoodieni #lovefood #Asianfood #colourfulfood #tasty #pineapple
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14 more sleeps! This traditional Christmas Cake is a rich fruit cake which is dairy free and gluten free. πŸŽ„ #linkinbio
3 hours ago
Are you planning any Christmas Dinner Party yet? Why not try this recipe. It's delicious and healthy. Everybody loves a good curry after all!
4 hours ago
Donut ask how much food I ate today 🍩
2 days ago
Stunning @churchill_1795 Raku by @jenniferocooks πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ» available both in store and online now! #Repost @jenniferocooks (@get_repost) ・・・ HELLO FRIDAYπŸ€—One of my most favourite aspects to my job is food styling and prop selection. I love playing around with different colours and textures to either compliment or contrast with the dishes I cook and style. I absolutely love plates and have quite a collection but this particular one is a @churchill_1795 which I purchased @hughjordan1947 and I really think it compliments the finished dish of hoisin glazed pork belly with quick pickled candy beets. Do you have a favourite plate or bowl in your kitchen? #pork #platesfordays #thisisirishfood #porkbelly #myrecipes #testkitchen #recipes #whatscooking #jenniferocooks #kitchenstories #mykitchen #finedining ining #theartofplating #plating #foodie #foodblogger #irishfoodblogger #foodstylist #foodstyle #foodphotographer #restaurants #irishfood #cheflife #propstylist #creative #entrepreneur #freelance #foodbusiness #fusioncooking
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Weight stigma. Body Image. - Why I no longer promote weight loss in any way. . My own disordered eating started in my late teens with body image issues and dieting. When I finally broke free from it, I let go of the scales, gave myself full permission to eat all foods & focused on re learning my body's hunger & fullness cues. . When I went on to study nutrition first, it gave me good understanding of how food works in the body on a biochemical level, but I still felt that there's more to it than that. Eating is usually not something we do in isolation, it sits in a sociocultural context. . In my earlier days I did do "weight loss without dieting", but never felt comfortable weighing people, especially since I never weigh myself, and had such a complicated relationship with the scales. . When I eventually found Mindful Eating it was like coming home! I love all of it. The kind, curious, non judgemental approach. The spiritual aspect and the practice of learning acceptance, compassion and present moment awareness. . Since I found the Health At Every Size movement about 18 months ago, everything has deepened for me. I am now much more aware of weight stigma & weight bias, social justice issues and the fat acceptance movement. It makes you sit up and think "Is the focus on weight truly about health? Or is it about all but?" . My eyes are totally open to this concept & approach and I cannot go back. . I can now see clearly how harmful weight loss interventions are in so many various ways. Do I want to be part of that shameful concept? No thanks! Especially since it is what messed me up in the first place. . I want my work to be kind, caring & compassionate. I want to empower people to care for themselves, and to enjoy peace & freedom with food & eating. Because we are all worthy & worth it. . Finally... there is a lot of talk about 'personalised eating' these days. I believe this is the path to that. Our bodies do carry the wisdom. We just need to tap back into it. . Thank you Ashlee @fat_therapist for creating this beautiful logo πŸ’š
11 hours ago
Comfort food for Monday blues.... chicken breast, vegetable and cheese bake perked up with pesto.
11 hours ago
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