Señores, ya falta poco 😍Dinos ¿cuál es tu favorita en los #Soberanos2018 para #ActrizDelAño?: #JulietaRodríguez, “El Hombre que Cuida” #JudithRodríguez, “Carpinteros” #LauraGómez, “Sambá” #IrisPeynado, “Todas las Mujeres son Iguales” #AnaMaríaArias, “Colao”
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IRIS DOMINICANA MOVIE AWARDS muchas gracias! Esta nominación es maravillosa. Nosotras 4 de "TODAS LAS MUJERES SON IGUALES" Estoy muy AGRADECIDA #premiosirisdominicana2018 #Premiosiris #amucine # clarovideo #nominados#cheddygarcia #nashlabo #liabriones #irispeynado.
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IL CINEMA DOMINICANO ARRIVA ROMA!!! #embajadadominicana #cinedominicani #roma #irispeynado
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CAFFÈ TIME! #ilovecoffe #irispeynado
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Hoy estrena la comedia dominicana “Todas las mujeres son iguales” en Puerto Rico, y ya en te tenemos la reseña. #todaslasmujeressoniguales #cinedominicano #comedia #nashlabogaert #cheddygarcia #liabriones #irispeynado #cine #pelicula
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#AZAChallenge entry: The New Barbarians aka Warriors of the Wasteland (1983) directed by Enzo G. Castellari (1990: The Bronx Warriors & Hammerhead). Riding the wave of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, this Italian production tries for a similar aesthetic with Scorpion (Giancarlo Prete) who spends the movie battling with the members of The Templars, an all male group who’s missions is to destroy humanity. These Templars are lead by One (George Eastman) and his second in command, Shadow (Ennio Girolami) who easily has the nicest hair in this post apocalyptic wasteland. The New Barbarians, which is set in the near future of 2019 is pretty out of sight. It’s got the futuristic cars, the crazy costumes and some pretty cool gore. Heads exploding, bodies exploding, gun blasts to the face. While 12 year old me would love all the carnage and explosions, 38 year old me was pretty bored. The story is basic. Scorpion used to be a Templar and is now on his own. When he shows up on the gang’s radar and kills a few, their leader One wants Scorpion all to himself. Eventually Scorpion gets captured and in one mind boggling scene, seems to get sodomized by One. Now it’s never shown on screen but it’s edited to believe it’s happening. Have to admit I didn’t see that coming. But apart from that blip in the story, it’s a lesser Mad Max. The cars are inventive and had some cool weapons but due to it’s budget, it seems that they’re all driving suped up golf carts, yet Scorpion does drive a cool Interceptor knock off. Fred Williamson pops up as Nadir, playing Scorpion’s frienamie. He adds a bit of cool to this Italian cast but even he can’t save this production for me. It’s a failed attempt in the genre. I’d probably like The New Barbarians more if I hadn’t seen any of the Mad Max films. #TheNewBarbarians #WarriorsOfTheWasteland #EnzoGCastellari #GiancarloPrete #FredWilliamson #GeorgeEastman #AnnaKanakis #EnnioGirolami #VanantinoVenantini #GiovanniFrezza #IrisPeynado #CinefessionsPodcast #InFilmWeTrust ^M
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