When I say #savethewhales it doesn't mean I don't care about all #animals. #thinkbeforeyouspeak Just as when I say #blacklivesmatter it does not mean I don't care about #alllives. It simply means that some lives are #threatened & #endangered far more often than others. #bethechange #endracism #lovetrumpshate #takeastand #art #pictoralrepresentation #iwillnotbesilenced
10 hours ago
@livingwatersofficial new movie #Exit is great! We'll be having info about this on our merch table soon. #exit#suicide #iwillnotbesilenced #gfm
19 hours ago
These pussies really blocked my last post!! Y'all scared now lmao!!! It's still fuck you!!! #carnagebodybagg #ohio #reppin #rap #realtalk #hottestinohio #rapmusic #hiphop #realhiphop #iwillnotbesilenced #flex #reportmeallyouwant
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You slit my throat So I couldn't speak Then begged to Sew Me Up I spoke anyway... WITH WRITTEN BLOOD B.J.CACACE Tagged by my lovely friend and very amazing Poetess @phoenixsungoddess1111 for a #wordprompt using the words, #sewmeup for a #20wordstory #bleedingwords #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writerscommunity #knowingmyworth #writingchallenge #creativewriting #writersuniverse #prose #musings #ispeakanyway #poetryporn #poetryofinstagram #poetryofig #iwillnotbesilenced #spilledink #spilledinkpoetry #wordsmith #slit #throat #couldntspeak #begged #spokeanyway #writtenblood #scribemyheart
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"Don't worry, it's alright, just leave them". It is safe to say there are some absolutely heartless humans living in our world. It is not alright. I fight for sausage equality and so should you. Don't be a bystander, stand tall, speak up, and fight back against sausage discrimination. I encourage all to stop and think; what life is worth living without sausages? After all, there is no satisfying substitute to fit between a single folded piece of white bread. #iwillnotbesilenced #sausageequality #sausagelivesmatter #scathingtone #floppyprocessedmeat #pinksticks #moistcylinders #tastytubes #hopethissnaggedyourattention #flacidmeatfingers
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Sorry guys... this has been announced by numerous content creators over and over again. And this happened to me just now too. It's a shame. But it was such a great run these past two months! I will dearly miss doing these. But I have to focus now and continue filming ASMR. UPDATE: I got them appealed thank god. #freedomofspeech #youwontsilenceme #iwillnotbesilenced #freedomrights #youtube #thanksalot #wtf2017 #letsstaypositive #everythingwillbeok #losers #imawinner
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So happy my bumper stickers arrived! #iwillnotbesilenced
2 days ago
Love how I get reported on this post, but yet love how weasels don't want to act-knowledge what is being spoken upon, are the very ones who incite the challenge, so I will say this again we call this our leader who will make great purpose? Yet alone while white surprises are getting "pushed" for acting violently ? But yet we minorities are tasting the very likes of past wounds by our own blood by body's slamming , bone snapping , faces being pushed upon white and black finder hoods, grass, soil,and concrete bash between our teeth, by blue and peace badges? However, we call upon "justice" to be serve by threats like this? Because native , blacks, latino, indian , and etc races are not form by the likes of blond hair and blue eyes ? Yet alone American is too ignorant and purposely chooses to ignore actions amongst them selfs but point to other groups for such "behavior" , to me almost sounds like a man back in '39 with a purpose, #nojusticehere#iwillnotbesilenced ‼️
3 days ago
When someone sends this message to me, thanking me for using my voice to speak the truth and creating change. Even the Therapist needs words of encouragement. I will not be silenced. #choosehealing #wordsmatter #stopthecycleofdysfunction #mypeopleperishforlackofknowledge #grateful #iwillnotbesilenced #obedienceoverpopularity #unconditionallove
3 days ago
It's 10:15pm, and I'm sitting in Dametra Cafe in Carmel-by-the-Sea, eating by myself and loving it. (There was dancing involved. InstaStory for proof.) It's been a very strange day...filled with high highs and low lows, and basically every emotion in between. ___ Today I learned that having an unpopular opinion has consequences. I learned that if I publicly share my political beliefs, I am risking losing friendships and business relationships. I had both yanked out from under me today, based simply on the fact that I decided to speak publicly about my conservative beliefs. ___ Yes, I am conservative. No, the Apt. B Instagram page isn't a place I will typically (read: barely ever) discuss politics. Yes, I adore my liberal friends and brides and fellow vendors, and no I will never judge them for their beliefs. Yes, I may feel strongly about certain political positions, but no, it doesn't affect who I choose to work with, be friends with, or love. ___ Because at the end of the day, my job is capturing love, and love knows no political bounds. My job is to coach lady bosses as they chase their dreams, and my political beliefs don't affect my drive to help people see success in their lives. ___ I choose love over hate ALWAYS. Even when it means loving someone who I deeply disagree with. ___ And friends...I'm ok if you don't agree with me. I'm ok if my beliefs rub you the wrong way, and I want to explain why I won't be silent for the sake of my business. ___ First, because I won't be scared into silence, and you shouldn't be either. Our incredible country was built on the premise of free speech, and thank goodness for that. I won't be intimidated into quieting my voice, and I hope that regardless of your views, you feel empowered to speak your truth. ___ And second, because I believe that there is more to a person than whether they are conservative or liberal. I don't believe political beliefs define a human entirely. I believe that MY clients will find me and connect with me, whether they agree with me on politics or not. I believe the people I am supposed to work with on their weddings, their brand photos, or as their coach, will see me...(finished in comments)
4 days ago
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