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I love this!!! Small warning to the one who wants to pick a fight, dont.. You couldn't dream of all the things I have on you and all the way I can ruin your life... #fighter #bornready #igotthis #jailtime #yourenotready #underestimated #overlooked #unprepared #imafighter #knockout #tbringit
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📅 ON THIS JOUR in 2015 Justin Bieber’s lil buddy Lil Twist is allegedly charged with six felonies in connection to a robbery and assault of Disney star Kyle Massey’s brother. The charges reportedly stem from an altercation between the Masseys and Lil Twist’s crew leading to the former kicking the latter out of their apartment. In other news, Lil Twist also has a new face tattoo. Check it out. . . . #onthisjour #neverforget #celebrity #history #onthisday #2015 #justinbieber #liltwist #facetattoo #face #twisted #jailtime #biebs #lil #disney #kylemassey
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His guy is a bum... and I am sure just like every other nfl player he will get 0 jail time and 20 hours of community service 😒 these guys are humans and should be treated like everyone else in America ! However it is very sad that athletes in this country are treated like they are above the law !! #JailTime #SetAnExample #StayClassyNFL
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BREAKING NEWS🚨: 3-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett is having a rough start to joining the Philadelphia Eagles. Bennett has been indicted for an incident where he injured an elderly paraplegic stadium worker at Superbowl LI in Houston Texas. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds, as it can have a significant impact on the Eagles success for the upcoming NFL season. #michaelbennett #philadelphiaeagles #philadelphiaeaglesfootball #eaglesnation #eaglesfootball #defensiveend #defensiveline #jailtime #felony #indicted #nflfootball #football #nfl #nflnews #nflupdates #sportsnews #news #nflbreakingnews #nflkickoff #NFLBN
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..........would you believe it if I told you, that before I started @diecutstickersdotcom in April of 2002 at the juvenile age of 22, I actually went to jail for defacing San Diego City property in Sept. of 2001, through the application of a sticker? You should, as the truth has been proven to be undefeated & my past, well, it is my greatest teacher & inspirer. Like they say; the past is where you learn the lesson & the future is where you apply the knowledge garnered from it. So, it turns out that this unlawful act that I willingly engaged in on that warm, late-summer Southern California evening, was in-fact a very foretelling moment in my life. (7) months later, it was to be revealed to the world, that I was embarking on a journey of creating a Company that would be manufacturing the very instruments that put my young, naive *ss in Jail for 12 hours. I was h*ll-bent, unabashedly determined & wholly convinced that I was going to be able to create a Company that would operate & conduct itself in a manner & to a standard that was rarely, if ever, seen before in the Sticker & Sign Industry. I was setting in motion a vehicle who’s byproduct of its proud, daily efforts, would allow other Entrepreneurs to exploit their Company’s messages & grow their Brand’s reach, from the deployment & usage of our world-class products. Who would have thought, that walking out of the 4th & Broadway event venue on September 6th, 2001, after we had moshed, cheered & recited songs belted out by one of my all time favorite bands, @socialdistortion, that it would change my entire trajectory & the course of my life’s pathway. Coming full circle to date & with only (1) week left until I, alongside my f*cking incredibly talented Team of doers & makers down here at DCS get to celebrate our 16th year of business, I get the esteemed honor and privilege of actually milling out thousands of stickers for the band that in the beginning, started it all for me & my Company. #RIPASR #OpeningNightforASR2001 #ONeills50thAnniversaryParty #4thandBroadway #SanDiego #enjoythejourney #countyblues #undercoverSWATgotme #underarrest #jailtime #smoothcriminal #diecutstickers #entrepreneuriallife
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