The biggest party in the world: carnival in Rio de Janeiro! It was insane. I arrived the day before carnival which lasts 6 days. Every day there are dozens of blocos (a party on the street). Some even attract millions of people! It was around 38°C and everyone was slipping past each other. Ice cold beers and Skoll Beats were being sold on the streets. I stayed in a party hostel which meant that there was always someone in for a party and it was impossible to sleep. It didn't take long until I had a nice party group for all those days. On the 4th day it was the parade's finale of the samba schools. So I went to the sambadrome to watch this spectacle! After 5 days I decided I had enough and I wanted to see a bit more of the city so I went to the Cristo Redentor. Before Rio, I went to Sao Pãolo, but unfortunately the picture of me and the friend I visited was too blurry to use. Better luck next time! #riodejaneiro #janeiro #carnival2018 #carnival #party #hostel #skoll #skollbeats #cristoredentor #samba #sambadrome
5 hours ago
💕 Sol + calor = Praia #litoralnorte #janeiro #amo #morena
7 hours ago
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