I will start my collection here #popfunko #funkopop #pop #jurrasicpark #jeffgoldblum #raptor #trex
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Amazing😤😤😤 #jeffgoldblum
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How is this man real ???? I’ve always wanted to draw him but I really don’t do him any justice. @jeffgoldblum is so amazing ???? He’s so funny and an amazing actor and the fly was one of the first movies to truly gross me out. Aka the nails coming off scene. ,,,, #art #digitalart #jeffgoldblum
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Lady Bird | dir. Greta Gerwig Let's hope the Academy corrects the severe misstep by the Hollywood Foreign Press in not giving Greta Gerwig a directing nomination.  Miss Gerwig proves that she is as dynamic behind the camera and as a screenwriter as she is as an actress.  She and her lovely cast bring early 21st Century nostalgia in a lively coming of age dramedy just before the invention of social media. ‘Lady Bird’ powerfully connects everyone who’s been a kid wanting to be on their own, free from the authority of their parents.  There’s also the yearning to be accepted by the cool kids, only to discover who your true friends are in the end.  It’s dense material, yet Gerwig delivers it to the screen with such a lighthearted touch that most of the audience was shedding tears of joy as the credits rolled.  And that’s what ‘Lady Bird’ is, a joy to watch.  B+ Thor: Ragnarok | dir. Taika Waititi There’s some good and a lot of bad coming through the superhero pipeline, and the summation of it all is exhausting.  That said, 2017 was a decent year for Marvel.  With that said, the buck stops at ‘Ragnarok’. It’s not a horrible film, in fact, it’s quite entertaining.  The bottom line with this film, is that it could not stay serious for more than a scene and a half.  This is what ‘Deadpool’ would have been like had it not been approved for an R rating.  Cate Blanchett’s villain was fantastic and easily the best character in the film, but the weight of her power is not felt because Thor and Hulk cannot stop making fun of each other for the entire length of the film. ‘Ragnarok’ tries too hard to be different, too hard to be funny and too hard to be weird (I’m talking about you, Jeff Goldblum). ‘Logan’, ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ both entertained and impressed me. “Thor 3” only entertained.  C- #ladybird #awardseason #gretagerwig #saoirseronan #lucashedges #family #comedy #drama #thor #ragnarok #marvel #superhero #chrishemsworth #tomhiddleston #jeffgoldblum #cateblanchett #anthonyhopkins #idriselba #markruffalo #movielover #moviereview #cinephile #cinephilecommunity
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This one is for the Misses! All my nerdy needs aside, this @originalfunko POP has to be one of the coolest/funniest going around! If I can find it, I’ll buy it! 💥👌🏻💥 #jeffgoldblum #jurrasicpark #sexyjeff #sexyjeffgoldblum #ianmalcolm #sexy #pop #funkopop #vinyltoys #originalfunko #love #😍 #😆
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Went to look at a new apartment today. Incredible sign that this may be the one... #apartmentsfindaway #jeffgoldblum
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