My sister stole my spot on the couch and now I can’t watch b99 ™️
54 minutes ago
yall the dude who plays kevin cozner is in the good place !! my dad
3 hours ago
Excited to announce my first “case”- who is seven drinks Amy?? If you want to join my investigation just dm me, I have six weeks and nothing to do.
4 hours ago
is drinking expired milk actually bad for u because i just drank about half a bottle of it before realising it expired two weeks ago (to be fair i just bought it today)
6 hours ago
My mum just kicked me off the tv because I watch too much b99 ™️
9 hours ago
so it turns out im really good at throwing cheerios into the air and catching them in my mouth guys i finally have a talent are yall proud of me
9 hours ago
i had things to do but its raining rip
11 hours ago
i finally bought more hair dye yesterday so im gonna dye it today if i can be bothered because my roots look grosS also i spent $10 on flower crowns yesterday because i need to fulfil my ultimate gay power, watch out hets this lesbian is going to destroy the world
11 hours ago
also i started the good place yesterday and its really good
12 hours ago
i'm gonna be posting these throwbacks 'cause i love them ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ ▪️ ▫️ cr: [sergeant-santiago on tumblr]
13 hours ago
17 hours ago
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