Dica de cinema que está na #Netflix: "Sem Limites". Eddie Morra (#BradleyCooper) é escritor e há anos está com problemas para se concentrar e escrever, mas após o ex-cunhado Vernon (#JohnnyWhitworth) lhe apresentar uma droga capaz de permitir o uso de 100% da sua capacidade cerebral, ele se vê diante de uma nova realidade. A droga lhe traz uma inteligência capaz de aprender novas línguas rapidamente, escrever com uma gama de ideias inacabáveis, só que para isso é necessário o consumo diário da droga revolucionária. Sua genialidade insana chama atenção do empresário Carl Van Loon (#RobertDeNiro), que espera contar com sua capacidade para fechar as maiores negociações da história. Porém, ao longo do tempo Eddie percebe que está dependente e que o uso dessa droga traz consequências tenebrosas a sua vida. Um ótimo filme, que te prende do início ao fim. #limitless #semlimites #movie.
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I usually avoid B movies where the writer/director also stars in the lead role, as it’s almost always pitiable self indulgence a lá The Room. In the case of Scott Leet’s Out In Fifty though, there’s an exception to the rule. A violent, mean revenge story with no light at the end of the troubled tunnel, it’s a bizarre, sketchy little flick that benefits greatly from Mickey Rourke as one beast of a cop on the hunt for the convict (Leet) who accidentally killed his wife in the heat of a passionate affair. Remorseful and tormented, he just wants to quietly exist after he’s eventually paroled, but Rourke, still hard bitten over the incident, has other plans. That’s pretty much it, but the actors sell the dour tone nicely, especially Rourke, who is at his nastiest and most scarily volatile, with a seething, bleeding broken heart behind the coiled viper, hate filled exterior. Peter Greene is terrific as his former partner who does his best to reign the guy in, and there’s work from Christina Applegate, Johnny Whitworth, Ed Lauter and Balthazar Getty as a weirdo pimp/motel owner. Leet isn’t bad, especially in the writing department, and holds the thing together with reasonable triple threat talents, although he has scarcely been heard of since this one. Not bad, made better by Rourke and Greene’s presence, and worth it for any fan of the two heavyweights.
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. . throwback in CSI Miami off topic 💖 . have a good weekend @johnnywhitworth . . #johnnywhitworth #csimiami #calleighduquesne #emilyprocter #jakeberkeley #cagewallace #the100 #empirerecords .
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Sometimes, survival makes us do the incomprehensible. 💣💀💉#The100 #johnnywhitworth #cagewallace #michaelbeach #charlespike #ericacerra #ALIE #villians
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YES. And Thank You! 😍😍😍 #johnnywhitworth
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