Creole shrimp over chopped cauliflower was a big hit with the fam! #fattuesday #gohealthyorgohome #creole #shrimp #healthymama #recipeforyou #joinone2won #caulifloerrice #mardigras #gobruins
7 days ago
Time for a little meal prep. With the chill in the air today these came to mind. With my portion cookbook it’s so easy to know what to eat, how much to eat and how to pull it all together for a delicious family meal. #mealprepmama #joinone2won #familytime
4 months ago
Couples that workout together, stick together. #pusheachother #havefun #joinone2won #theexecutiveandthehealthnut
6 months ago
I better go brush my teeth RIGHT NOW before these little devils jump into my mouth!! #BeStrongerThanChocolate #21df #ShakeoMama #JoinOne2Won. We can get stronger together! I'm looking for three people who are ready to focus on fitness and clean eating in June. Want to be my accountability partner?
9 months ago
Proud to be an American. If you're MILITARY, you will have some great DISCOUNTS on our Beachbody programs when you join my group. We are filling up for June fast so message me today to get in. #GetSome #HonorTheFallen #BeYourBestSelf #HonorOurFreedoms #YouChoose #JoinOne2Won
9 months ago
They say IT'S JUST A SHAKE. They say I DON'T NEED A PROGRAM. They say I CAN DO THIS ON MY OWN. They're just avoiding the fact that they really want the results but aren't ready to work for them yet. Unless you're a nutritional scientist with a degree in personal training and are surrounded by healthy minded people who will give you accountability you're not going to stumble upon results. Shakeology is whole food nutrition simplified. And when you mesh that with proven programs that teach you how to eat real food and how to exercise effectively and you work with a coach who will bring you into a community of people who have your back, you've got a pretty good chance at getting the results you've always wanted. #transformationtuesday #366er #shakeomama #joinone2won #size14to8 #besummerstrong
10 months ago