9 hours ago
Mannn forever one of my favorite running backs! So glad I could see you play in person on this team. Wish you the best! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ I miss the J.Stew + DeAngelo days #runningback #jonathanstewart #28
19 hours ago
A classic meme for your Tuesday... and a little chat below ↧ ↧ So I've not been very active on here, I know....and I'm sorry. I'm working on some things to make this page better in the offseason. But as decisions have been made on and about our team, I have noticed that our attitudes towards other people are not where they should be. I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and it's a free country and all that jazz... BUT I do not want our fans to be labeled as rude, or mouthy, or butthurt, or any of those names. We should be faithful to people who are no longer on our team, we don't need to turn around and talk about how terrible they are when they have played their hearts out for our team. I do not like how this offseason has gone so far and it breaks my heart to see so many people betray some of our best veterans. Sorry for the rant, but I felt like it needed to be said. #KEEP1POUNDING #FootballIsFamily
20 hours ago
Jonathan Stewart Jersey Swap! What do you think he’ll produce in 2018? Leave comments below‡️ #giants #jonathanstewart #nygiants #football #nfl . . --------------------------- #letzgogiants βœ… Follow @letzgogiants βœ… from @giantsgraphics
1 day ago
We have signed RB Jonathan Stewart signed a 2 year $6.9M deal. This can help our run game a lot, by Stewart being a mentor to Perkins and Gallman Go Big Blue! #giants #panthers #giantsnews #bigblue #giantsnation #jonathanstewart #freeagency #offseason #signing
4 days ago
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