Ok so I figured if make this post just to make a start on this page My name is Ethan, I am a high schooler from Wisconsin, and over the past ~9 months I have become extremely interested in communism, especially Marxism-Leninism and Sankarism (obviously lol). I used to be a liberal, I was a Bernie bro who liked the idea of communism but thought that it could never work, and I believed that Mao killed 100 million people and Stalin killed 20 million. I began to realize the evils of capitalism, and soon found myself drawn to communism and Socialism. I still have a lot to learn, but I would love to talk to some more well knowledged comrades and read many books and learn everything I can about one of my largest passions! So if anyone wants to know some personal things, I play the saxophone and am learning clarinet, piano, guitar, and soon flute and trumpet, I listen mostly to various genres of metal, but I currently love death metal and symphonic metal the most, however I do enjoy some rap and hip-hop, but it's more of an aquired taste for me. I love running and exercising, as well as playing League of Legends and Pokemon. My favorite communist leader/thinkers/revolutionaries are Marx, Sankara, Guevera, Lenin, Mao, and Stalin. My dream occupation would be anything where I get to play music all day or a job in a teaching position. I am a straight, white, cis male, but im also an international feminist. I'm very passionate about women's rights, gay rights, the struggles of PoC and those with mental health problems, and any other marginalized people. ❗️Please feel free to message me if you want to talk, I am always open to constructive criticism and feedback. Friendly chats are always welcome too, just don't be a dick and we'll be fine. If you don't like communism and want to express that, I'm totally cool with that too, just don't be a dick. ❗️ Tags (ignore) #communism #socialism #marx #lenin #sankara #marxism #leninism #dprk #ussr #karlmarx #communist #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #stalin #josephstalin #comrade
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Get real I have a new #alliance may i introduce my left hand side #josephstalin and on my right side #vladimirlenin #together we are #invincible
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Part III: The Bigger Picture. __ The deportation of the Ingush and Chechens was not an isolated event, in fact, Joseph Stalin had implemented the deportation of specific ethnic groups since the mid 1930’s. Now known as ‘ethnic cleansing’, this was not the soul invention of the Soviet Union and has occurred throughout human history, for example, less than 20 years before in 1915 the Ottomans began their own deportation of the Armenians to Syria and Mosul. However, it seems to be the wide range of ethnic groups and the sheer scale (3.3 million people) that grabs people attention. __ The first groups to be moved were on the western and eastern boarders with a total of 117,000 of mainly German, Polish and Finnish (there were many more smaller groups) on the western boarder combined with the Koreans on the eastern boarder. From there they were sent to the areas of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These numbers were added by a further 400,000 civilians around the Volga after the German invasion, however, the detaining of an enemy’s descendants was a common practice that was used by many nations such as Australia and America. __ The suggested reasoning behind what started the deportations are numerous, but there are some common theories, they are: - 1. Stalin wanted to speed up the process of the territory’s assimilation to Soviet ways. - 2. The need for labour in Central Asia to further exploit resources and increase Russia’s industrialisation. - 3. The big argument of Stalin clearing the western boarder in preparation for an offensive against the Germans. - 4. Fear of territory’s being sympathetic to the Germans as they moved closer to Moscow. __ In Chechnya’s case it seemed to be a very broad preemptive strike after learning of Chechen separatists approaching the Germans. __ Information: archives.gov naa.gov.au soviethistory.msu.edu history.com languagesoftheworld.info oxforddictionaries.com Picture: languagesoftheworld.info __ #chechnya #deportations #deportation #ethniccleansing #german #finnish #korean #polish #russia #stalin #josephstalin #worldwartwo #secondworldwar #worldwar2 #ww2 #history #worldhistory #modernhistory #warhistory
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