1.10 Gosh I love when FP communicates with his future daughter-in-law (that was too much, I apologise, this is my Bughead-shipper side showing 🙈)
22 minutes ago
serpents >> toni: @thejordanconnnor sweet pea: @off_to_riverland
1 hour ago
2.09 This was so cute 😍😍 — Sorry for posting so much. I made a new filter which I really like and I want to change my theme ASAP. I still have premades with this filter so I'm trying to clear them all out of my camera roll. I wanna change my theme on Christmas day or sometime between Christmas and New Years 🙈🤗
1 hour ago
Their safe place ❤️ - Hey would you look at that I’m posting...let’s hope and pray I get a laptop for Christmas so I can edit more often 😬 - Audio credit: @scf.audios
2 hours ago
Cole sprouse everyone dt: Cole stans ac: oof I forgot #omgpage #galaxiesrct This will probably flop:/ @colesprouse @camera_duels
2 hours ago
bughead💗 endgame 😭❤️ ac- mine cc- mine pc- everyone ib- @gabiseditsx dt- bughead shippers💞 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 more days❄️
2 hours ago
who wants to fight the writers with me for breaking this beautiful ship?? - Credits; emowhofromwhoville :) - #riverdale #riverdalecw #jugheadjonesedit #jugheadjones #jugheadandbetty #jugheadedit #bughead #bugheadedit #bettycooper #bettycooperedit
3 hours ago
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