Who would u pick #Hannie or #Kayden ??? I would pick Hannie!! #Hannie4life
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Cousins who are only a month apart... πŸ˜‚#chunkybutt #kayden #logan #cousins #hugedifferance
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does friendship last forever? chapter 3 KENZIE'S POV kenzie : so how is your first day in school? annie : good! by the way, thanks for the treat! kenzie : haha your welcome . don't forget to treat me next time haha annie : okay *then i saw hayden and rush come approach me and annie* annie : kenzie! kenzie : what? annie : act cool!! kenzie : what? why? annie : to get Hayden's heart! kenzie : umm but i don't like him okay annie : what? how could you not like him ? he is handsome af kenzie : he is not my type okay annie : what? kenzie : yeah.. so you like him? annie : yeah kinda kenzie : i'm going to make him likes you! annie : seriously?! kenzie : yeah of course *rush and hayden come approach us and ask us whether they can sit with us or not* annie : umm.. yeah sure.. you can sit with us rush : thanks annie ! *sit* hayden : hi kenz kenzie : oh hi hayden rush : so how is your first day at school ann? annie : bad and good hayden : bad? why? annie : huh?! no. nevermind kenzie : *look at annie's face* why you look so sad ann? annie : no don't mind rush : i get it ! kenzie : got what?! rush : *he whispered to me* annie is jealous of you! kenzie : *whisper to rush* you mean because hay didn't say hi to ann? rush : *shout* EXACTLY! kenzie : *whisper* uhh i see *rush told me to go away from annie and hayden while rush will go away too. he wink to me* kenzie : umm guys, i need to go to the restroom. you guys don't want me to have kidney problems right? bye *go* rush : ooh! geez! hay, carson is calling me. i need to answer him first bye *go* *i don't know what happen after that but i got back to the class and find jayden* ANNIE'S POV hayden : hey rush! don't go! annie : what? hayden : nevermind. go eat first. then we'll find them *i continue eating my lunch while hayden is staring at me. i feel uncomfortable and i blush. i know my face is really red* hayden : umm annie? why do you blush ? annie : uh? *touch my cheek* hayden : *touch my cheek* *oh my gosh! his hands are as soft as cloud! gosh ! i think my face turn to brick red already* . . hope you like it πŸ’–
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εŒζœ‹ε‹δ»”εŽ»ηŽ©ζœ€ι–‹εΏƒ @mavis915 #kayden #jblife #iloveyou #disneyland #disnylandhongkong
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~ Kenzie or Maddie? @kenzieziegler
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Low key freaking out, I hope they’re ok... β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #hannie #hannieisreal #hanniewillrise #hanniewillbereal #hannieedit #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #billybob #billyisbotok #bratayley #celebratelife #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #kayden #kaydenisdead #kaydenisover #kaydenisoverparty
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