28 seconds ago
I need that new album though 😓 #shottyhorroh
2 minutes ago
Sit down 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
3 minutes ago
I got off of work 2 hours early today to catch the Kid at practice. Because of my schedule I'm unable to catch My Babaaayyy... but about out to my Padre @rodtatejazz for taking Al to all of his practices, and practicing with him OUTSIDE of practice. These little fellas are going to be soooo DOPE when they get older! I am here for it ALL! #Nike #KendrickLamar #BlackPanther #BallIsLife #BasketBallNeverStops #passion #ball #gametime #fun #instagood #instalike #StephCurry #BasketballMom 🏀
29 minutes ago
2 Chainz explains the meaning of his upcoming album “Rap Or Go To The League.” @hairweavekiller
7 minutes ago
Kendrick pt 2 “I’m in the hood wit the 17 year olds that’s on hood patrol”
5 minutes ago
Another rapper to blow in 2018 @kiddadamz from the same place as lil Pump!
5 minutes ago
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