A little late in the day, but my fam came first. I’m a father of three great kids, and as much as Father’s Day is about us dads, to me it’s really about our kids. Without them, we wouldn’t be fathers. Here is when I first taught my son to brush his little teeth (Don’t let the mohawk fool you, he didn’t end up becoming a DREADNOK) and it’s moments like this that make being a dad worth it. Thanks to my wife @emilybme for capturing this moment. I love my two older daughters too, but I wanted to share this moment. We men are the examples of our sons, and if we make the best decisions, even after we made some poor ones, our sons will learn from us and then become great fathers too. So here to being dads and friends to our kids!! YO JOE!!! #happyfathersday #fathersday #sundayfunday #sunday #love #kids #sons #fathers #yojoe #gijoe #gijoecommunity #gijoenation
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Father’s Day fun!
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Another Sunday, more #dogsandbeers ...and #kids lol Happy Father's Day dads!
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6月18日☀️ . 本日のキッズカレンダーは、 サンポート高松にて✨ . . 水遊び後⛲️の女の子を撮影させていただきました✨(*'▽'*) . ありがとうございました(*´-`) . . . #高松市 #高松 #サンポート高松 #kids_photo #japan #kids #カメラマン #撮影 #子供 #子供写真 #ロケ撮影 #キッズカレンダー #女の子 #モデル #晴れ #キッズ studiomars #スタジオマーズ #キッズフォト
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Makani’s dad, Cämu is a rock-n-roller straight from Helsinki Finland 🇫🇮 his 3rd language is English. I’m a girl straight outta Puna Hawai‘i. If you count pidgin English you could say I speak 2 languages too🤷🏻‍♀️😁lol (but today’s about dad so moms is a story for another time...) . Cämus trade is creativity. Being an artist, writing songs & being a lead singer/guitarist in a band. But having kids changed everything. This cool rocker dude had met his match-Makani. We decided to leave NYC to pursue a humble, stable family life surrounded by nature. Not easy, but a selfless decision on Cämus part. This pale, skinny European dude with a funny accent & dyed black hair, black eyeliner, black leather pants & boots, coming to Hilo with barely any money to open up an acai bowl shop with his wife, no experience. Seems legit. Fast forward through all the hoops of opening up shop, the build out, while being new parents to the most strong willed child in history, Cämu was put to the test. We even ran out of $$ during the build out because we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. But he held it down & persevered, planned, worked night & day, so much trial & error, mistakes & creativity while still finding time to wrestle with Makani & make it home for story time even if he had to leave again... His days once filled with booze, babes & tunes, now filled with babies, building, fixing & finances. Traded the rock star get up for surf shorts & rubbah slippahs😆 . Cämu being from Finland had never tried peanut butter-that’s right, it’s an American thing! Never had a BLT sandwich, or a smoothie, acai bowl, let alone ube—all of those I, Makani’s mom introduced to him as they’re some of my favorite go-to’s, so I would always be making him BLT’s, whipping up all kinds of fun drinks with my fancy PB drizzle, making homemade ice cream (I’ve made homemade ice cream since I was a teenager, but again, story for another time) Cämu loved these things so much, it was he who insisted we make them staples at the shop. It’s literally an extension of our home... & so we’ve landed here, a place Hilo has come to know & a the best dad our little family could ask for. HAPPY FATHERS DAY
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Best #Father's Day ever. #Kids are back from #camp. #Time to #enjoy the long #summer days.
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Dios es perfecto.. a mi me bendijo con el mejor padre del mundo.. su amor incondicional y es un orgullo ver como ama a sus nietos .. Axel es bendecido en tener una figura tan hermosa como tu 😍😍😍 happy fathers day daddy love you #family #mom #dad #brother #sister #brothers #sisters #bro #sis #siblings #grandparents #love #instagood #father #mother #related #fun #photooftheday #children #kids #life #happy #familytime #cute #smile
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