I know quite a few singers follow me so if you guys want you can always dm me and ask me to send you some of my songs and see if you would like to sing any of them. I'm a pretty bad singer due to damaging my vocals but I'm so proud of my music, so as a songwriter it would mean everything to hear my music out in the world. πŸ™ plus, I'd love to see how people take my music and turn it into their own thing (with credit where it's due, of course). My dream would be for @skye.sweetnam to sing one of my songs, preferably the newest to my collection, "Little Red And The Big Bad Wolf". I've been listening to a lot of Sumo Cyco lately so it was very much inspired in their style.. but I know it will probably never happen. 😩 a girl can dream though.. ❀️
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Our part of the trade with our madcot artist @animositi πŸ’– We will be on vacation soon, from the 25th august till the 8th september so we can not accept new orders within that time. Old orders will be finished before we leave of course and we will try to make a few ready made ears again for a small release on wednesday or possibly while we are on vacation (we would take the ears with us of course so we can ship from our vacation place!). #bdsmcommunity #bdsmpetplay #bdsm #bdsmpet #petplaygearshop #petplaygear #sweetsheepsecrets #petplay #kittenspace #kittyspace #kittenplaygear #kittenplaycommunity #kittenplaygearshop #kittenplay #kittyplay #kittyplaycommunity #submissive #slave #master #dom #dominant #cosplay #costume #catgirl #catboy #neko
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