After a a full month without rhyme or reason Thousand Movie Project resumes its usual posting schedule today with moviepicture n.111, THE AWFUL TRUTH (1937)! . "A friend pointed out to me recently that he’s frustrated by reviews like this one, which he says are both ubiquitous and totally endemic of my age group, wherein the writer says that the script was great and the performances memorable, the directing was brilliant, the set design evocative and costumes all gorgeous – “but it just didn’t work for me.” There’s a trace of that here, in saying that I didn’t like The Awful Truth despite its being an exceptionally on-point rom-com, but mostly the issue is that I just don’t see why it’s on a List of movies I MUST see before I die."
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• On Set • ✨ ✨ Bing Crosby and Leo McCarey on set of “Going My Way”. #goingmyway #leomccarey #bingcrosby
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DUCK SOAP (1933) #ducksoap #movies #posters #movieposter #grouchomarx #harpomarx #chicomarx #zeppomarx #leomccarey #cinema #diaboaquatro by
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Duck Soup (1933) 😆 -------------------------------------------- #marxbrothers #themarxbrothers #grouchomarx #ducksoup #leomccarey
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📃#Dialouge No. 68 Rufus T. Firefly ( Groucho Marx ): Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor, which is probably more than she ever did. . روفوس تی‌فایرفلای (گروچو مارکس): یادت باشه، تو داری برای شرفِ این زن میجنگی، کاری که احتمالا بیشتر از اون چیزیه که خودش انجام داده. Duck Soup - 1933 Directed by Leo McCarey سوپ اردک - ۱۹۳۳ کارگردان: لئو مک‌کَری . شماره ۶۸: سوپ اردک و کلا تمام فیلم های که برادران مارکس توش نقش آفرینی کردن فضایی کاملا کمدی داره و بعنوان فیلمی که بیش از ۸۰ سال از اکرانش داره میگذره خنده رو از شما میگیره،  البته اگه نوع طنز رو بتونیم درک کنیم. سوپ اردک اوج کار برادران مارکس به حساب میاد که باید حتما دیالوگ رو تو جریان فیلم شنید و اون حالتِ خاص م"گروچو مارکس" فقید ❤️✌️ My Top 90 quotes from 400 nominated quotes by AFI records (American Film Institute) ۹۰ دیالوگ برتر من از ۴۰۰ دیالوگ منتخب توسط موسسه فیلم آمریکا (AFI) #afi #americanfilminstitute #quotes #dialouge #mytop90quote #ducksoup #grouchomarx #leomccarey #classic #cinema #film #movie #actress #actor #filmmaker #director #rarephotoofcinema
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THE BELLS OF ST. MARY’S (1945) — In this sequel of sorts to 1944 Best Picture winner Going My Way, Bing Crosby plays Father O’Malley and Ingrid Bergman plays Sister Benedict. O’Malley is newly assigned to St. Mary’s, a down-on-its-luck Catholic school where Sister Benedict pretty much rules the roost. From the get-go, they have a gentle rivalry, but of course they eventually learn from each other and band together to save the school. It’s essentially a standard romance—without the carnality. Now, Bing, as we all know, was a creep in real life. Director Leo McCarey (who directed a few of the best films of Hollywood’s Golden Age) was a reactionary and a pro-McCarthyist. Ingrid Bergman has never been one of my favorites. The messaging of the film is VERY problematic. (And I mean VERY). The melodrama is hokey as hell. So... why did I enjoy this movie so much?! I’m really confused. It’s like I don’t even know myself, but I found it... delightful! (By the way, adjusted for inflation, The Bells of St. Mary’s is the 54th highest grossing film of ALL TIME. That’s higher than all of the Marvel films except the first Avengers.) #thebellsofstmarys #leomccarey #goingmyway #oldhollywood #movies #1945
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No. 17 Academy Award winner for best picture went to the classic, yet underrated film, "Going My Way". This is one of those old fashioned films that sneak up on you, in a good way. Best actor: Bing Crosby Best supporting actor: Barry Fitzgerald Best director: Leo McCarey Best writing, screenplay: Frank Butler & Frank Cavett Below is a few remarkable facts about this film. 1: This film was banned in several Latin America countries, because Bing Crosby wore a white shirt as a priest. 2: This movie earned $16.3 million on it's initial run, which is a huge amount fit that time. 3: This was the 1st film to win the Oscars for Best Film & Best Song 4: Cinematographer, John F Seitz shot the opening scenes, uncredited. #academyawards #bestpicture #goingmyway #Oscars #Bingcrosby #Frankcavett #Frankbutler #Leomccarey #barryfitzgerald #Johnfseitz #blackandwhite #Classics #movies #movie #hollywood #bestsong
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We round up in style with a hilarous prison-escape-extravaganza featuring Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy and a live score! See you on March 10-11⠀ @KASKcinema! ⠀ ⠀ More info: ⠀ ⠀ #filmhistory #moviemarathon #dayfornight #noexit #cinema #cinephilia #35mm #restorations #kinoautomat #filmplateau #dedication (still from #leomccarey's #liberty)
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