So disappointed with the film, no magic we expect from star wars. Felt like it wasn't made with the love jj gave episode 7 #disappointed #letdown #starwars #thelastjedi #episode8 #whereisthemagic #thanksdisney
45 minutes ago
Hello Monday!! Boyyyy I know they say try and start your days off on a positive note but I can’t lie, I’m annoyed. I got to my sons doctors appointment minutes late. Admittedly, that was my fault. But what happened next I was shocked. Got in to see the doctor and she cut my sons session short because I was late. Usually even if you are late the doctors will still hear u out and discuss all your issues with you. But nope not this one. She told me that I wanted to get my son checked out further I would need to book another appointment. He’s 16 months. Not a grown man. If he is sick, it can’t wait. But she didn’t care. After 5 minutes of arguing with me, she then examined my son, prescribed him medicine and then I left. When I now went to rebook another appointment for him at the reception, the receptionist told me that I couldn’t book another appointment until 2nd January 2018. 2018. I couldn’t believe it. The NHS have let me down. Now on that note, I’m going to work and on my way there I’ll be day dreaming of unicorns, rainbows and pizza. Things that make me happy because boyyy I’m gonna need to if I wanna get out of this mood I am in ! 😔😔 #motherhoodrising #dailyparenting #nhs #doctors #letdown #jujube_europe #jujube_intl #rainbows #unicorns #postivethinking #momswithcameras #parenting #blogger #mommyblogger
3 hours ago
Clearly I need a room full of these!! 🙄 Holiday mode has kicked in and I slept so soundly that even my Fitbit didn't wake me this morning! Downside I missed my session at the gym!! Upside.... I feel like I slept deep and long! Great feeling to have on a Monday! Will just have to go for a long walk later! X #stepup #mondaymotivation #sleepingbeauty #lovinglife #feelssogood #gymfail #timekeeping #letdown #15000stepgoal
7 hours ago
i'm back 🙌 people have really show'n there true colours but ohwell they need to live with themselves #iamback #royal #letdown
8 hours ago
THE MAKING OF A LESS OBVIOUS NOSE 💎💫 We never make the perfect nose, just a nose that fits your face 👃🏽 Interested is a natural looking outcome? Come by for a sniff 🙏🏽 . . . ✂️ 120 min surgery ⏰ 7 days down time 👯 no tampons 🌍 🌎 📩 😷 @dr.stubenitsky 📞 +31 (0)88 7785201
9 hours ago
Day 17: A Tradition Chinese restaurant fortune cookies are a traditional uplift and then drop of hope, however life is like a river as it flows on and I use my head so I figured this strange one out as fast as I let it go 🐉 #witchwaywinter #traditon #fortunecookie #letdown
10 hours ago
Found baby Jesus and visited some animal friends. I think of our Savior every time I see a donkey, something about them is just so holy to me. I’m weird, but I love donkeys. And sheep. And ponies. Charlie thought we were going to see unicorns in their unicorn house. #letdown 🦄
10 hours ago
I am my own worst critic. I pray for forgiveness, but I am slow to forgive my own past mistakes, played on repeat #love #letdown #selfawareness #rudyfrancisco #lukeskywalkingonthesehaters #fitchick #thirtytwo #chicana #latina #hotmess
13 hours ago
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