Making good use of today’s warm weather... "helping" me take the garbage out today #readytoshred #futuresnowboarder #lethimplay #helpingmama #inhisownworld #lakelife #myboy
1 day ago
Just nu: Petter nöter bänk på Maracanastadion 🇧🇷 Himla slöseri med talang ändå. #lethimplay #maracanazo2018
2 days ago
“At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling” #happyboy #fundayout #lethimplay #theskyisntthelimit #playoutside #dirtyfeet
6 days ago
Hmmmm..👀 That's Weird, Jimmy G Is Being Glorified For His Play, Which He Should, And He's About To Get Around 120 Million Over 5 Years For It. Meanwhile Colin Kaepernick Can't Get A Job, Or Even A Chance At One.. Lets Not Forget He Also Has Proven Much Much More Than Jimmy G, At Least Up To This Point.. He Has A Better CAREER QB Rating Than Eli Manning And Joe Flacco.. (Both Are Claimed To Be Elite QBs) In His 2 Postseason Runs His Record Is 4-2 Those 4 Wins Are Against Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, And He Beat Aaron Rodgers TWICE.. His 2 Losses Were In The Super Bowl & The NFC Championship Game. On His Way To That Super Bowl Loss, In That Win Against Matt Ryan & The Falcons He Was Down 17-0 And Came Back To Win.. In That Super Bowl Loss He Was Down 28-6 And Came Back To Fall Short And Lose By Only 3.. He Lost The NFC Championship Game To The Eventual Super Bowl Winners, The Seattle Seahawks.. David Fales, Nathan Peterman, Etc.. The List Goes On And On Of PROVEN SHITTY QBs That Got Chances Before Kaepernick.. If I Claim Its Unfair, Or Better Yet Unjust, That Colin Kaepernick Doesn't Get A Contract, At Least As A Back Up, Most Responses From The Other Side Are Hes Terrible And Can't Play And That My Good Friends Is BULLSHIT & A LIE.💯 Rant Over, I Apologize..👌😂 #FreeKaepernick #ImWithKap #LetHimPlay #NFL #ColinKaepernick
7 days ago
@Regranned from @ryan_hoffman17 - Its every squirrel's dream to play ball on the field. #clevelandindians #squirrel #on #the #field #lethimplay #ball #TribeSquirrel - #regrann
8 days ago
12 days ago
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