Il ministero della suprema felicità ci accompagna in un lungo viaggio nel vasto mondo dell’#India e degli #hijra. More 🔛 #Queeographies 🔛 Link in Biography.
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My whole family is together again 💜💜 my mom is back from Japan and my sister from the states!! It's so nice to have everybody near by and I'm trying to cherish it as much as I can before going off to university!! . . Today was a super busy day at work today and I am exhausted!!! I want to read a bit before going to bed but because I habe to get up at 6:45 tomorrow, I dunno if it's a goof idea 😅😅 oh well 😂🙈
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It's indonesian independence day 😍 Still at office tho 🙈🙈🙈 How you spend independence day there? We play lots of games Anyway, I got tagged by lovely @turtlereads fit #helpfrimfictiobakcharacters tag 🌟 help me pick an outfit : Cricket from lola and the boy next door 🌟 help me cheer up : peter kavinsky from to all the boys i've loved before 🌟help me rob a bank : definitely ari and janco from study series because they can unlock everything 😂 🌟help me with book recommendation : park from eleanor and park 🌟help me study : edward cullen because obviously he's been reading and studying for his whole life. 🌟 sick and need someone to take care of you : hmm... i'll pick Todd from the knife of never letting go because he's so caring and lovely 🌟 help with getting rid if bad guys : Cal from red queen 🌟 shoulder to cry on : eragon because he's a good listener This is my post for #auginbooks17 day 17 : epic fighting scene I choose flame in the mist #fanaticalbirdaugust day 17 : #nakedhardbacks #augustreadsplaining day 17 : Loss The end of the book of flame in the mist is such a big defeat for me. #flameinthemist #reneeahdieh #roar #coracarmack #daugtheroftheburningcity
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"Who can say if the thoughts you have in your mind as you read these words are the same thoughts I had in my mind as I typed them? We are different, you and I, and the qualia of our consciousnesses are as divergent as two stars at the ends of the universe. And yet, whatever has been lost in translation in the long journey of my thoughts through the maze of civilization to your mind, I think you do understand me, and you think you do understand me. Our minds managed to touch, if but briefly and imperfectly." * I started the Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu yesterday and planned to read at least two stories, but sadly I overestimated my abilities and managed to read only Preface before promptly falling asleep. * Have you read it? * #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookstagramfeature #libraryofbookstagram #bookish #bookishallure #instabooks #instaread #bookworm #booknerd #bookaddict #bookwormsfeature #bookaddicted #bookworm_insta #bookstagrammer #igreads #bookfeaturepage #thepapermenagerie #kenliu #paperback
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We were reading this year's Pulitzer prize-winning book 'Underground Railroad' in my book club last month so I've pulled out some 1960s vintage library catalogue cards that referenced a bit of history.
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Have a magical Day!❤️ . . #augustofthrones [DAY 17] weapon of choice. - ich denke ich bin da eher untalentiert und würde mich selber mehr verletzten als andere - deswegen wäre ein Zauberstab wohl die sicherste Lösung für alle Beteiligten 😂👆 #auginbooks17 [DAY 17] Epic fight scene. #rfabaugust17 [DAY 17] book & Funko. #hibookishtvshowaugust17 [DAY 17] Heroes- die drei sind doch schon Helden oder ?❤️ __________ #bookstagramfeature #bookstagram #bookphotography #bookishfeatures #büchersüchtig #harrypotter #lovetoread #gryffindorpride #jkrowling #funkopop #bookgeek #booklion #igreads #lesenmachtglücklich #bookaholic #ravenclaw #bookworm #booklove #childhood #epicread #libraryofbookstagram #readstagram #bloomsbury #always #funkopopvinyls #reader
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American Heiress by Jeffrey Toobin...This was one of those books I saw an acquaintance post about online and made a note on my phone about a few years back. I would have otherwise never heard of it and probably wouldn't have picked it up since it's a completely different type of book than I usually read. It describes in detail the life and kidnapping of Patty Hearst. The implications of the era: civil unrest and general anarchy are embodied within this case. Jeffrey Toobin meticulously went through interviews and documents to research and write this story in a way that is engaging and just plain interesting. I also didn't realize until I was partially through the book that this is the same author who wrote the book that the FX show "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story" was based on. I haven't seen the show yet, but I plan to. If you're looking for something completely different in the non-fiction genre, I highly recommend this book. I couldn't quite believe that everything in here was actually true. #bookstagram #bookworm #book #americanheiress #jeffreytoobin #nonfiction #lawreports #librarybook #libraryofbookstagram #canadianblogger #bookblogger #read150 #canadareads #bookreview #bookreccomendation @calgarylibrary
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Are you ready? #ibelieveinbookfairies
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the cover of this series looks amazing!!! have you read them?
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#DirgahayuIndonesia #RI72 . "Dan mencintai tanah air Indonesia dapat ditumbuhkan dengan mengenal Indonesia bersama rakyatnya dari dekat..." (Soe Hok Gie) . . Buku Meraba Indonesia ini jadi salah satu referensi lebih mengenal bangsa ini. Dua wartawan senior Farid Gaban dan Ahmad Yunus mengelilingi Indonesia selama hampir setahun menggunakan sepeda motor win 100cc bekas. Pulau-pulau terluar dikunjungi dari Sabang sampai Merauke, dari Miangas hingga pulau Rote. Satu perjalanan luar biasa untuk mencatat lebih dekat langsung dari masyarakat majemuk dari satu bangsa besar : INDONESIA.. . . Dirgahayu Negriku. . Jayalah selalu. . . 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 . #IndonesiaMerdeka #KerjaBersama #17an #OnThisDay
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