miss u 💘
4 minutes ago
5 minutes ago
also kudos to the best human being I have ever met cause she supported me during the whole day and was there to comfort me after I my dream came true. Alessia, you are the best partner in cryme a crybaby like me could wish for, pls never leave me💖
14 minutes ago
It’s been A YEAR since the best day of me life. After 4 years of mixering (?) I had the occasion to see right in front of me the best girl group in the world, the four girls that inspired me during my teen years, the four girls that taught me about “girl power” with their lyrics, the four girls that helped me grow into the angry feminist that I am today. Thank you little mix for the songs, the speeches about friendship, that song that you actually wrote for the lgbt community and for the most powerful dance break downs ever. May your next album be as full of girl power as the last ones💁🏻.
19 minutes ago
48 years ago
18 minutes ago
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