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Minister Martin Luther King, Jr. still inspiring us all...and with good reason. It’s biblical. The Bible doesn’t return void. Ever. John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” MLK, Jr. has been called THE APOSTLE OF PEACE. Reminds me of Paul in the New Testament. Let’s all be modern-day Apostles of Peace, yes?! 🙌🙏👏 #shesweatstruth #lovenothate #bethelight #mlk #wisewords #wordstoliveby #kindnesscounts #scripture #womensministry #truth #godisgood #meditateonthis
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I don't know where this sign originated, but I've felt this way since 9/11. Politicians, their donors and defense contract companies should be the first to send their children into the wars they personally profit from if they insist on starting them. A few weeks ago I overheard a conversation at the store between two 70+ year olds talking about how the government should bring back the draft. Their reasoning for this is because, and to quote them directly "These younger generations are all lazy and need to be taught a lesson." So by their logic, we need to be forced to go fight wars so old rich white men can make even more money at the risk of our lives. Talk about ignorance at its highest. We're lazy because we would rather have experiences rather than material possessions?? We're lazy because we are far more informed and understand that we haven't fought for our "freedom" since the civil war?? Why should we be forced to risk our lives because you don't like our lifestyles? The United States is currently engaged in over 16 different wars around the globe at this very moment! None of these wars have anything to do with threats to America! It's only a matter of time before the world gets tired of our bullying for resources before they unite and retaliate against us. The ones in charge don't have to worry about that though because it'll be their grandchildren that will be punished for their crimes. The same goes for our environment as well, but they don't care because they're getting rich from our suffering and don't realize that it won't matter when they finally die and can't take it with them. Fuck war, let's try peace and diplomacy. Let's try something new. #fuckwar #makelovenotwar #warwhatisitgoodfor #givepeaceachance #sendyourownchildrenofftodie #nomorewar #getmoneyoutofpolitics #unity #lovenothate
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Namaste beautiful souls, the sun is out here today and were alive, what a blessing. When I was younger and still to this day, I had many many different dreams, in these dreams I used to see and do many things and they all seemed so real. When I woke up I never thought too much about it,being a little girl I had too many other things to keep me busy. It wasn't until things that I had seen in my dreams started to come true, that I realised these wernt dreams at all. This were infact my soul communicating with beings of light, not only that but I was seeing parts of the future. When you sleep your subconscious is free to explore and communicate with beings of divine love and light. So next time you say I had a dream about a loved one, take the time to think about what they said to you or what you was shown, because that was infact your loved one coming to see you. Start keeping a diary, and I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised. Love light and blessings Lillyreikirose 💖❤️💜💚💙✌️😇 #reikihealer #lemurianhealer #thegreatmotherearth #nature #lovenothate #dreamingoflovedones
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It’s almost Valentine’s day 💖 painting all things love these coming weeks 😍 . . . There are many metaphors about plants and caring for them that are so true about love between two people💕Love is something you nurture and grow 🌱••For this painting in particular i wanted to portray that love comes in many forms. Love is not black and white, it is the full spectrum of colour. Love is all encompassing #loveislove ......cards now available (also available in 5x7in and 8x10in print) on my Etsy store ✨link in bio✨
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Officially got blessed by the Buddhist monk at @big_buddha_phuket today #bigbuddhaphuket #thailand #blessed🙏 #phuketthailand #ibizadjsontour #mylife #lovenothate
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Aspire to inspire others ❤️
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Was going to post this on Monday but decided to wait a couple of days to keep the ideals of Dr King flowing. Doesn't matter what each of us believes, if, we stay silent. Dr King calmly, and consistently spoke for change. No matter what it is that you believe needs changed... calmly with reason, speak for change. #drking #mlk #speakforchange #lovenothate #peacefulchange
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