I'm legit so sad right now because my family never goes to the movies because we can't afford it (gotta buy those GROCERIES) and there are so so so many good movies out now that I can't watch. Tags: #lgbt #lgbtqia #lgbtcommunity #lgbtqiacommunity #lgbtsafezone #lgbtsafeplace #safeplace #safezone #lovenothate #loveislove #equalrights #equality #transproblems #transphobia #transphobiaiswrong
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This breaks my heart! 💔 Enough is enough! 😡😢 WE NEED TO STOP and END NOT ONLY gun violence ALL violence and hatred! I am so very tired of hearing about it as we all are! PROTECT and SAVE LIVES!✌️#stopgunviolence #endallviolence #lovenothate #alllivesmatter
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I posted a lovely Drag Queen makeup video on my FB business page on Wednesday night. By late Thursday afternoon I received a vile, bigoted comment from a colleague about the video criticizing the content and stating that #transgender was a myth. I didn't reply at first as I had to process this hateful comment and be careful on how I replied back without getting emotional about it. Thankfully many of my friends and colleagues defended the video, myself and my business integrity. This hateful person was called out in one of the Esthetician Forums as this was not the first time she has attacked her colleagues with hateful comments ex: If a female Esthetician is providing male brazilian waxing services, she is the equivalent of a prostitute. Last time I checked we are certified/licensed esthetic professionals providing a hair removal service. We are not performing sexual acts on male clients. She even went as far as to use biblical quotes in her defense. Her bigoted public comment on my business page was the worst attack. This hateful person couldn't take the heated exchange in the Esthetic Forum for being called out for her public attack on my business page. This #bully decided to go to several of the members FB business pages including mine, and rate them a 1 star review along with a couple of her aliases to discredit us. I guess in her small mind she thought this would effect our review ranking. Actually it only bettered those businesses reviews that were effected by her hatefulness, as many colleagues banned together to write #positive reviews in defense. I want to inform the #LGTBQ community that I do not tolerate hatred on my social media platforms or in my business. I have many LGTBQ friends, family, colleagues and clients that come to my business as it's a safe place for them without judgement to get medspa treatment from my associates and myself. You are welcomed here with love and compassion! "If your religion requires you to hate someone. You need a new religion." ~ author unknown #lovenothate #gaypride #newwestpride #lgbtq #uptownnewwest
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‘See, it’s MCID and we try to spread love’ #highlysuspect #MCID #LoveNotHate
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Use your voice! Today #iwillmarch and very proud of the event that was put together at my job. Today I met a #hero #mikeleonard the officer who apprehended the shooter. #lovenothate #marchforourlives #icallbs #neveragain #enoughisenough #msdstrong #parkland #believe #united #majorystonemandouglashighscool #ccpd
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I just took this. What do y’all think? #photography #photoshoot #easter #candy #lovenothate #loveislove #lgbt #lgbtpride
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