Fuck you isis!!! #lovenothate #spain❤️
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Ode to peace✌🏻❤️✌🏼💛✌🏽💚✌🏾💙✌🏿️💜 its a tragedy that a political party still exists that's affiliated with hate and is being brought into laguna (tomorrow). Laguna has always been a town which represents union and diversity as displayed today. Around 800 (appx twice as many people as today who peacefully protested against the hate) will be showing up tomorrow. Its very sad that some POC are trying to avoid going to work tmrw due to this protest that fuels hatred. I do believe the democratic and republican parties both have a right to protest given the first amendment; however groups that fuel hatred shouldn't be tolerated in the USA whatsoever and as a citizen who does pay taxes and understand taxes I stand against the alt-right #prayforcharlottesville #lovenothate
1 hour ago
Went on a little stroll around Southbank and Westminster with friends yesterday. Each time realising how much I love London! I probably don't enjoy the city as much as I should but kept thinking about what has been happening in the last couple of years all over Europe and how we are getting scared and fed up with all of it... thoughts for Barcelona, and Cambrils, Paris, Nice, Siberia, Ouagadougou, but also all these other places where hate and violence seem to become normal.. such as Charlottesville. I can't even start mentioning all the countries at war right now but all my thoughts go for them as well ❤️ #peace #peaceandlove #makelovenotwar #ilovebarcelona #barcelona #London #friendship #lovenothate #fightagainstracism #lucky #fear #fuckedupsociety #society #United #staystrong #✌️
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Spread love, not hate. We are all from the same root. #happysunday #positivity #love #eachother #lovenothate #notoracism
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After walking up Main Street to pick up and send a package at UPS, I walked up 12th Ave to make a stop at #Vancouver #CityHall this afternoon for the #rallyagainstracism. The crowd was a bit less by this point in the afternoon and the messages and various groups began to promote their own agenda by the later part of the rally, but this is the most unified I've seen Vancouver's citizens in a long time. I wish this many people showed up for rallies about housing #affordability, foreign dollar and market speculation, and political corruption, but if there's a reason to rally against, hate is definitely it. I don't think there were many Nazis or hate groups there (or less than a handful if so) but it was wonderful to see the way our citizens respond. Vancouver really can be one of the best cities in the world! #lovenothate #BC #Canada #latergram
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Thank You Dick Gregory for using your voice for your generation, my generation, and the generation to come! 💜#HadToShowRespect #CivilRightsMovementActivist #LoveNotHate #LongLiveDickGregory #Libra ⚖️
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Thank you @aevrard_at_bnw for my kickass flash tattoos! With all the chaos and hatred in the world Andie found the spirit to create these uplifting pieces of art. Oh how we need it more than ever. While all the destruction unfolds I will use these as a reminder of all the love and community that still resides in this world. #lovenothate #weareallthesame #atomicwhirl #fucktrump #flashtattoo #bravenewworldtattoo
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Sephora Stands❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Team Disney Springs wearing red hearts in support of Sephora Charlottesville and community. #spreadlovenothate #sephoradisneysprings #charlottesville #sephorafamily #sephoralife #kindnessmatters #lovenothate #sephoralife #sephorastands #wearewithyou
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