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I'm thankful to have you as a role-model. You have created a legacy that I plan to continue even with my grandchildren. I appreciate all the advice you have given me since I was little. Your experience with life makes you a great resource. You are one of the most wise people I know.Thanks for being such a fun grandmother. You take a genuine interest in the things that I'm into, instead of just rolling your eyes and shaking your head. That's probably why I like listening to you talk about all the things you've done. I have never had to question whether you love me. You have a warm presence to match your warm heart. I learn from you every time I am with you. I enjoy hearing your stories and watching you to see how you handle different situations. #grandmaday#dzienbabci#babcia#großmuttertag#oma#loveyousomuch#babcia#mojababcia#kochamnadzycie#loveneverends#loveyou#❀️
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