Quand tu as complètement craqué chez @lushmontpellier #lushbathbomb #lush #lushfrance
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Stages of Intergalactic as it fizzes away into a deep blue, glittery pool. You just can't beat this one. #lush #lushcosmetics #lushie #lushuk #lushbath #bathart #bathbomb #lushie #lushusa #lushbathbomb #intergalactic
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Sad to say I used my last bath bomb but it was so pretty. 😯 #bathbomb #lush #lushbathbomb #bathtime #intergalacticbathbomb
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VACAY AWAY Bath Cocktail no. 1 (When you choose your holiday destination based on whether or not they’re a classified drought zone 😅😂🛁) . ⚡️❄️Thundersnow Bath Bomb (Christmas exclusive) 🚀Rocket Science Bath Bomb (regular line) 💓Lover Lamp Bath Bomb (V day 2017 exclusive - OH HOW I MISS THIS BATH BOMB!!) and 🐻May Day Bath Bomb (Lush UK Kitchen exclusive) . This combo smelt AMAZING and was so soothing 😍💙💙 . Side note: due to a major drought and severe water crises in Cape Town, where I live, I’ve not been able to bath for many months and use my bath products I’d collected from the @lushkitchen for our winter. Therefore my vacation baths will be super extravagant only because I’m trying to use up my otherwise going to waste bath products. Enjoy these pics as this won’t be something I’ll be able to do when bathing can become a weekly occurrence again 😅😃😍 . Side, side note: I’m back here on @butdoyoulushsouthafrica from a much needed break. Things have been pretty hectic my side, but the outcomes will all be good once everything is wrapped up. We will be moving sometime in the first half of the year - still no idea where yet.. but it’s a work in progress. With everything that’s been going on my side, I’ve been less on social media and more focused on spending time with family and friends - it’s been so amazing and I plan to continue this way going forward. That being said, I’ll be pretty slow and all round in active when it comes to replying to DM’s (as I’m sure many of you know, our DM’s can get quite hectic and pretty overwhelming 😓). I’ll be posting though, so feel free to leave a comment if you’d like. 🙂 Happy yo be back! Much love to you all 😃💖💖🙌🏼😘🌺 . . . . . #lush #lushcosmetics #lushsouthafrica #lushregularline #lushbathbomb #rocketsciencebathbomb #lushbathart #bathart #bathbomb #crueltyfree #crueltyfreecosmetics #vegancosmetics #fightingagainstanimaltesting
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마우이에서 마지막: 스누바 스노클링 쇼핑 산책 다 끝나고 힘든 나에게 내가 주는 선물 💝
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Yellow Submarine 🏝️
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Oh Lordy this little guy smells so so good 🥥
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