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👑 . @xxxtentacion 👈 He's Fool For this one. "I Don't Give A Fuck" is just what's wrong with this World. Some of these New School (POP) artist's need to Stop haten on OG's who paved the way in What I call Real Hip Hop LEGENDARY HipHop The "Golden Era vs Devil Worship Era . . . #Tupac #2Pac #Makaveli #Realhiphop #NewSchool #Devils #Ogs #Vs #Fakes #Snakes #Killuminati #WorldStar #LegendneverDie #90s #2000s @worldstar
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Forgot how hard this album is #makaveli
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On March 14, 1995 2Pac Released his third studio album me against the world. With singles like shed so many tears, and me against world it really set the tone for the rest of this album. With this album pac put everything he had. With introspective lyrics this really showed what 2pac was going through, dealing with sexual assault, and rape cases 2pac still managed to release this album. This is easily my favorite 2pac album of all time. The heart and emotion he put into this album really touched me. Songs like dear mama, shed so many tears, and me against the world are examples of that. My favorite tracks: dear mama, shed so many tears, me against the world, and death around the corner. If you haven’t checked this album out by 2pac then wow I don’t know what say. Classic album 10/10 #meagainsttheworld #2pac #1995 #makaveli
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“ Pretty white bitches sniffin cocaine, my trap house live like soul train “ - @youngdolph
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