Because nobody deserves a better chance right? Nobody deserves to fight and work for a better life right? The hardest working Americans that come to this country for a better life are not from Norway. They do not ignore racism and disgusting behavior from a president that has not worked hard a day in his life because they experience it everyday! #notmypresident #shitholecountry #lowstandards #makeamericawhiteagain #haiti #africa
16 hours ago
History repeats itself look up harry j anslinger Lee Atwater cointel program war on drugs all being used by Trump racist Republican party.#jeffsessions #harryjanslinger #SteveAlford #notmypresident #makeamericawhiteagain #makeracistafraidagain
20 hours ago
When my family sais to accept the fact that im a beaner #whiteismyrace #makeamericawhiteagain
1 day ago
#exposeemandflushem 💩🚽 💩 These Racist infestations on my @instagram & beyond, even on #MLKDay, so disrespectful @mcason2288 #beforethebreakofdawn out chea’ in #Hawaiinei #ParadiseonEarth always spreading ❤️ but this #Clapback 1st, giftedto this #trumpanzee/ #peasantPawn on the 2nd row of the #chessboard, will never make it to the 1st row,; will one of my Caucasian peeps tell this helpful, bully, racist, & harassing (is all they know), I’m sure I’ve dropped too much knowledge here, for his itsy bitsy pea brain to handle, so let this #doedoe know, I’m a proud human, I happen to be of #AfricanDescent, my peeps demonstrate education,we don’t fake like we have it 😁intro complete, Now time for the main dish, biatch!!! @mcason2288 #MAGA = #MakeAmericawhiteAgain the Truth is you wouldn’t be spewing your shit on ur techie device, Uneducatable one, if it wasn’t for coltan mineral fr the Congo (Africa) as well, u wouldn’t know how to wash your own Lilly white ass, if it wasn’t for the #Moors (#African), & lastly, that mentallyill f*ck, who’s the best ur Racist & Cowardess backwoods community have to offer, would be sleeping on Pennsylvania Ave (the pavement), if it wasn’t for the @whitehouse that slaves (Africans) built💯 I know ur 🧠 ❤️ & soul, are M-I-A; the devil has taken hold, only thang left is whitenoise & a which u dribble, All Day Long! Begone, Satin ‘s clown 👹🤡, you’ve been prime roasted; #DeleteurAccount, ‘ Uneducatable’ 🙋🏽‍♂️
2 days ago
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