I tried something new today and loved every second of it! 😻
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Rp @everything_pisces: 🎉 Oracle card reading for Monday 19th March, 2018. 🎉 _____________________________ This oracle card reading is additional confirmation of today's daily card reading. 😇 There is an important discussion that needs to take place, where 'romantic feelings' are concerned. Your intuition has been hinting that the 'time is right' for this conversation to take place, but that you've resisted taking action, due to fear of the 'unknown' outcome. I'm seeing that just when you gain the courage to 'speak up,' you then 'freeze' when 'crunch time' comes. For example, you might go to dial this person's number, only to erase it. Or you prepare yourself to talk, and then you get a case of 'frog in throat' etc. When this happens, it actually creates a block in your throat chakra, because you're not 'speaking your truth.' Instead, you're suppressing your feelings and emotions, by 'biting your tongue.' Spirit is saying that by 'opening up' a 'weight will be lifted' off of your shoulders, and that a sense of relief will 'wash over you.' Additionally, I'm hearing that if you choose to 'take a leap of faith' and to 'admit your true feelings' towards a person, then you may be 'surprised' to realise that the feelings that you've been developing are, in fact, reciprocated. From there, your connection will this person will continue to build, and to go from 'strength-to-strength.' And last but not least, I'm seeing 'work' here, for some of you. By 'engaging' and 'interacting' with the right people, I'm hearing that you may 'get wind' of a 'current vacancy' that's arisen, within a field of employment that you could really 'excel' in. In which case, 'make the most of this opportunity.' It was brought to your attention for a reason. 🔮 _____________________________ #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #oraclereadersofinstagram #oraclescope #love #communication #mondayfunday #mondaymotivation #positivevibes #blessings #opportunities #newbeginnings #exciting #makeithappen #zodiacsigns #mediumship #psychicmedium #instalove #instagreat #thirdeyevision #magical #goodstarttotheweek #loveandlight #happytimes #cherishthemoment #transformation
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To0 that LA world just the shape things to come 📈📈📈📈📈📈 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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It’s OKAY to CHANGE your MIND.. Starting to put my dreams into motion, and realizing there were some things holding me back. When we are 17 or 18 we are expected to decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives. At that age I had no idea.. I stumbled around a bit and nursing just kind of fell into my lap. It was such a blessing at the time because it ended up that I truly loved it. Fast forward 7 years & two more babies later, and life is so different, and the lifestyle that comes with full time shift work has become a hard balance with raising a family. Then another opportunity found me, and it was what some might call unconventional, but if I was successful it could give me the lifestyle I long for, which basically means time at home with my babies. But... I’m a nurse, and I worked my ass off to get the education to become one... how do I justify leaving a stable career that I worked so hard for? Especially one as noble and rewarding as nursing. I struggled with this.. until I returned from my mat leave and remembered why it wasn’t working for me. I could go back to nursing full time, but I’d be sacrificing my sanity, my health, my time with my family, and inevitably my happiness. These are things I realized I’m not willing to give up. It’s okay to change the things in your life that no longer serve you, even the big things.. like your work. Change is okay, change is necessary. Life is much too short. My goal is to be home with my babies by Christmas, with nursing as an option and not a necessity! Happy Sunday, 🥂 cheers to another week of making sh!t happen! 🔥💥
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Let's begin the week, first of all, being grateful and believing that we can win! Let's hustle and make it happen!!! 😉 * Buying, selling or renting in NYC? Dance with me and my partner @kilbythemaninthehat to your new home! * #fellinggood #grateful #believeinyourself #love #beautiful #thepropertyhatsnyc #hustle #metroplitanmuseumofart #roofgarden #exhibition #art #wine #summer #outdoors #nycviews #party #photoofday #nycrealtor #fashionable #homedesigns #makeithappen #bluesky #naturephotography #instagram #follow4follow #garyvee #tomferry #forsale #happy 😀💖
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