Well, hello there Instagram! I thought it was time to create an account (to be honest Courfeyrac told me "it's 2018, share your pictures online, mate". Always the french charmer. Are you happy now, friend?). I promise you won't find only pictures of food and drink. Let's begin with what you young people call "selfie"... even if it's a little old. A little bird of the #ABCsquad (that is the name me and my friends give to ourselves) told me that she saw Enjolras saving this picture on his phone (because yes, that same day I got drunk and I sent my picture to everyone), but seriously... Enj, if you're reading this: whyyyyyy Now, some info about me: - I live with Courfeyrac and Marius - I am a tattoo artist and freelance photographer - I am bisexual - I like to drink too much - I love the color green (but also red) - I may have a crush - My friends Courfeyrac and Combeferre are gay af and they are a cute couple - Please Marius and Cosette: get married already - Basically everyone is gay here don't @ me - ABCsquad
2 hours ago
Sorry for the inactivity! Here is an amazing drawing of enjolras that @destami_rs created for me a while back!
19 hours ago
Making this hurt me a lot 😒 #lesmiserables #eponine #marius #mariuspontmercy
22 hours ago
My favorite passtime: Stargazing! Who would like to join me this evening in stargazing? It is beautiful, but lonely without a friend or two at your side. #openrp #mariuspontmercy #gayrp #stars #lesmisrp
2 days ago
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