I'm really enjoying posting on this account, I hope you guys like it🤗
1 hour ago
Ugh it's my really busy day at uni today🙃🙃
14 hours ago
[Behind her stands a man parading a banner emblazoned with the organisation's symbol: hands proudly grasping a broken wand amid bright yellow and red flames.] #fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem #fantasticbeasts #newtscamander #newtonscamander #newtonartemisfidoscamander #barebone #maryloubarebone #credencebarebone #modestybarebone #chastitybarebone
1 day ago
2 days ago
I flippin' love Graves😍😭 I MET BILL NIGHY YAY
2 days ago
Good morning! I'm travelling back from a weekend away this morning & this afternoon I'm gonna try to meet Bill Nighy, wish me luck!
3 days ago
Today's purchase of the day is this gorgeous Newt Scamander notebook from @razmatazzgifts 😍 I've had my eye on it for a while and I saw it yesterday so decided the best thing to do was go back & grab it so I'm really glad I did that! Not sure what I'll be using it for yet!
3 days ago
I've just realised I missed a scene but it was a few edits ago so it's too late to add now, ugh🙃🙃🙃
4 days ago
Good morning✨ What do you think of Graves?
5 days ago
How's your day going?
5 days ago
NEW BLOG POST: Fantastic Beasts 2 and What to Expect! Over 600 people requested a Fantastic Beasts blog post so I have provided! I've talked all about what we can expect from the new film - cast, characters & plots! The link is in my bio and I'd love for you to read it and please leave a comment... I'd love to get a discussion going! Thank you!😙
5 days ago
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