"Chocolateeeee!" Dice Max. :D #diadelosreyes #chocolate #salud #maximilianozidane
14 days ago
Max getting pecan pie and whip cream wasted! NYE celebration! #countdownto2018 #whippedcreamwasted #celebration #maximilianozidane
20 days ago
Yo, I know people warned me about this stomach bug, but man, I didnt think it was going to be extreme. Its no joke. First, Max then the parents were down. But I will say, Max is totally a trooper. While mom and dad were frantic, making sure he was ok and then not knowing what to do with our own symptoms, he took it like a G. Feeling better after a day or two. Sadly, the mom and dad werent as strong.hahaha. well, this is the beginning of illnesses that are inevitable. But just so proud on how he handled it. With his little puke bucket, tons of liquids and his sopitas. Just making sure Lobo doesnt get sick! Lol. ♡ #mybaby #ageofbugsandviruses #hegotthis #hisparentsontheotherhand #couldnthang #maximilianozidane #parenthood #toddleryears
1 month ago
So its been a few days since he hasnt nursed fully, and its finally happened, our nursing relationship is complete. He asked for "leche" today, smiling, i think that he knows that its over, but he asks with humor and without any anger. I told him, "ok, but remember, ya no hay leche (theres no more milk) he just said, "ok mami" and kept on jumping on the sofas. Lol. It is so bittersweet, finally not having to worry about nursing, but knowing how special it was for me, for us. Moms really have it hard, especially in society and its constant pressures. One day people around me pressuring me on how im not nursing correctly and how I need to nurse, and when i finally,after so much struggles, i finally am able to, the next thing you know you here people ask, "when are you going to stop?" Or "aren't you tired?" My favorite- (not lol) "well probably thats why its harder to conceive" or "thats why he is so attached to you" If people dont stop dictating what a mom has to do with HER BODY and their way of raising their child!? Its already crazy enough figuring out this parenthood stuff. Im so glad i silenced those unnecessary and distracting noises and proceeded my nursing relationship with the only two people that mattered, myself and my child. It ended exactly how I wanted it to end, slowly, no pressure, just one day he just forgot. Lol. Or just didnt feel like he needed to nurse. And im ok with that. I look at this throwback pic, and it just reminds of my journey. God knows, along with my mama angels on earth who guided me, without pressure, and supported me, how difficult nursing was for me. And while it was difficult, stressful and overwhelming, im glad i left it in the universe hands and I was able to have this amazing journey for 2 years and 4 months. I know more, im prepared and even with all i learned, it may be different with the next one. Just this time, im going to surrender and just go with the flow. Thank you chiquito for this beautiful experience we both shared. ♡ #amor #wedidit #fromnippleshieldstopumping #thestrugglewasreal #weendeditourway #maximilianozidane #mybaby #breastfeedingjourneycomplete #micorazon
2 months ago
Even with his terrible 2 craziness, he truly brightens up our lives. Amorcito, we adore you so much. ♡ #miloquito #welovehimsomuch #maximilianozidane
2 months ago
He just wanted a hug and a besito. ♡ I pray my baby stays this sweet forever. You better do this when youre 30. Lol. 😢 #ohveras #mamasboy #besitosyabrazos #iloveyou #micorazonsito #maximilianozidane
3 months ago
I cant help, falling in love...with...you. ♡ He smiles and awes everytime this commercial comes on. #iloveyou #maximilianozidane #icanthelpfallinginlovewithyou #micorazon #wishwecanbetogetherlongerduringtheweek
3 months ago
4 months ago
1st school update from Maximiliano. Lol. My baby! I took him outside just mami and him so we can talk about his cool escuelita day. I appreciate and love his honesty. Those tears will go away soon. Tear. But so happy that he did great for his first full day! He even took a nap all by himself!!! He just went to his cot and slept for more than 2 hours! Ugh. I hope he continues to love, learn and grow at school. ♡ #loveyou #proudofyou #maximilianozidane #hecriedandhesang #1stdayofpreschooldown
4 months ago
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