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20 days ago
Mike Tyson in his prime has fast, accurate, power punches that came at you from a fast moving Target with a constantly moving head. Would he be Champ today if he was in his prime? Or would it still be Anthony Joshua? - MMA content updated daily! - @Regranned from @boxing_planet - Comment someone who could beat Tyson? 🤔👇 ➡️➡️SWIPE ➡️➡️ @toastyshop 👈 Grab your FREE Boxing Necklace (only 56 left!) and get prepared for Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko👊 Only Pay Shipping for them to deliver it ✈️ 🔥Link In Bio🔥 - #miketyson #boxeo #anthonyjoshua
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These Diaz brothers bring the intensity and heat. They cannot be intimidated. Which Diaz brother is your favorite? - MMA content updated daily! - @Regranned from @ufc_team - 💥Диаз старший🐯😈🔥 ❤️Максимум лайков❤️ 🇺🇸Nick Diaz 🆚 Marius Zaromski🇱🇹 📅 30 января 2010 год ❗️В этом бою Диаз Завоевал чемпионский титул Strikeforce в полусреднем весе⚡️ ♦️@nickdiaz209 ➖ ✔️Лучшие видео📹 у нас👇 ☑️Подпишись | @ufc_team #nickdiaz #natediaz #diazbrothers
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Former UFC Champion Frank Mir takes the business end of a Alistair Overeem knee! - MMA content updated daily! - @Regranned from @mmastory - ✪ @alistairovereem ✪ @thefrankmir ✪ ◘ Подписывайтесь на нас 🔝 ◘ Новости из мира MMA ◘ Качественные и зрелищные видео боёв❗️🎼 : @fabianmazur _____________________________❖_______________________________ #alistairovereem #frankmir
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