Up, up and away! The Powerball jackpot for tonight’s drawing is $430 MILLION! What would you do if you won? Please play responsibly. #Powerball #MDLottery
1 day ago
Trump said I would be tired of winning. Not so much. #tiredofwinning #lostagain #megemillions #lottery #mdlottery
3 days ago
August 8th 2017 evening #lotteryprediction as u see from my morning post I was chasing the one. The midday hit came 914. So the 314 from yesterday's midday brought in the 914 not only once but TWICE!!! The 1 hasn't hit in 20 days. So it's still due. And u know that 9 will mirror the 4. So ill be chasing the 1&4 tonight for #mdlottery #marylandlottery #pick3
9 days ago
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