Doris Riley served as an electrician with the United States Coastguard during WWII, building motorized lifeboats. While stationed in Bunker Hill, Indiana, she met her future husband, who ran bombing missions in Italy with the Army Air Corps. —————————— American success during the war was built on the backs of people like Doris whose dedication and hard work on the home front turned the United States into the military superpower it became over the course of the war.
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Jim Banner served with a field artillery unit in the United States Army. His service would take him all over the South Pacific, from island battles to Tokyo Bay, where the Japanese signed their unconditional surrender and brought a six-year world war to an end. —————————— African American combat servicemen are doubly deserving of our respect. Serving in segregated units, they were called upon to fight for a country that did not reserve the same freedoms for them as it did white servicemen. —————————— But many proudly and emphatically served, laying their lives on the line for the hope of a better tomorrow. Jim Banner was one of them. “I coped with it. Didn’t let it bother me. It’s my country and I was glad to fight for it.”
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Today, in honor of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, @missionbbq gave free meals to all WWII Veterans. So of course that’s where I went for lunch. And who should I run into there, but my good friend Ilene :) —————————— #wwii #ww2 #worldwar2 #worldwarii #worldwartwo #secondworldwar #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii #ww2veteran #wwiiveteran #pearlharbor
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Tomorrow - Thursday, December 7th - marks the 76th anniversary of the event that launched the United States into World War II: the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. —————————— Adone “Cal” Calderone was there. Read about his daring escape from the sinking USS West Virginia, here: #adonecalderonewwii —————————— #worldwartwo #worldwarii #worldwar2 #secondworldwar #wwii #ww2 #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii #wwiiveteran #ww2veteran #pearlharbor
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Shoes on the Danube Promenade - in memory of thousands of victims executed by the River Danube in WWII #memoirsofwwii #shoesonthedanube #danube #danubepromenade #budapestagram #budapest #hungary
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My Spotify playlist puts me in the right frame of mind when I’m on my way to an interview or sitting down to write. Forgive the punny name 😬 ——————————- #wwii #ww2 #worldwar2 #worldwarii #worldwartwo #secondworldwar #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii
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You know it’s going to be a good day when 👆🏻 He’s one of my favorites 😂 —————————— Follow my page @memoirs_of_wwii for several weekly posts about the amazing real-life stories of the men and women of World War II. We’re so privileged to still have these incredible people with us, and there’s still so much we can learn from them. —————————— #wwii #ww2 #worldwar2 #worldwarii #worldwartwo #memoirsofwwii #secondworldwar #greatestgeneration #wwiiveteran #ww2veteran
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So glad I got to see my #honorflight buddy, Milt, a few weeks ago. You’d never guess he’s 96 years old. He volunteers twice a week at the @mottsmilitarymuseum in Groveport, OH - an excellent museum! If you’re ever in the Columbus area, check it out! —————————— Read and hear about Milt’s incredible wartime story here: #miltonmapouwwii —————————— #wwii #ww2 #worldwar2 #worldwarii #worldwartwo #greatestgeneration #secondworldwar #memoirsofwwii #pearlharbor #ww2veteran #wwiiveteran
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Aside from having one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard, Richard “Red” Lyons served as a B-29 aircraft electrician in the Pacific Theater of WWII. —————————— Both Red and his brother David were eager to join the fight the moment war broke out, but their mother could not bear the thought of both Lyons boys being deployed at the same time. David, being the older of the two, was first to enlist and joined the Navy. Their mother’s apprehension wasn’t completely unjustified. “David said they’d be in a convoy and the Japs would attack them with submarines and zeros. He said it wasn’t nothin’ to see a whole ship go down with everyone aboard. A terrible way to die.” —————————— When his brother eventually made it back home, alive and well, Red went straight down and enlisted with the U.S. Army Air Corps. Once deployed, he was sent to the Philippines, where tens of thousands of American servicemen and civilians - and even more Filipino fighting men and civilians - had only recently been liberated from four years of brutal Japanese occupation. “I saw what has been going on over there - what the Japanese did to those poor people. They really abused them. There wasn’t too many old people left in the Philippines. I never did fully forgive them for what they done. But, they’re humans... just like us.” —————————— Red would eventually come home, get married, and raise a family that continues to grow today. And in case you’re wondering where the name “Red” came from: “People wonder about that all the time. You can’t tell now. But if you look real close you’ll see I got a lot of freckles. That’s the sign of a redhead.” —————————— #worldwartwo #worldwarii #worldwar2 #secondworldwar #wwii #ww2 #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii #wwiiveteran #ww2veteran #armyaircorps
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Paratrooper Dan McBride landed in Normandy in the early hours of D-Day, disoriented, alone, and with no more than 15 rounds in a folding carbine rifle. Like most of the other men from the 101st Airborne, his next step was to make his way through the German-controlled countryside and find his platoon before the enemy found him. ____________________ Swipe left to hear Dan tell the story. ____________________ Click here for more stories from Dan: #danielmcbridewwii ____________________ #worldwartwo #worldwarii #worldwar2 #secondworldwar #wwii #ww2 #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii #wwiiveteran #ww2veteran #dday #101stairborne #101st
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A machine gunner from the 5th Army enjoys his Thanksgiving dinner on the Italian battlefront. Happy Thanksgiving, from Memoirs of WWII.
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Daniel McBride was originally intended to be a sniper with the 101st Airborne, parachuting into Normandy in the early morning hours of the D-Day invasion. But as his rifle was deemed unsafe to carry on his person as he made the jump from the plane, it was placed in a bundle with its own parachute. The bundle was to be jettisoned from the plane immediately before Dan’s jump. He would follow the bundle to the ground and collect his weapon once he safely landed. But, like most of the Allies’ D-Day plans, nothing would go as intended. —————————— Swipe left to hear Dan tell the story. —————————— Click here for more stories from Dan: #danielmcbridewwii —————————— #worldwartwo #worldwarii #worldwar2 #secondworldwar #wwii #ww2 #greatestgeneration #memoirsofwwii #wwiiveteran #ww2veteran #dday #101stairborne #101st
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