[Earthview Wonders] No.383: Meteor Taken From Space Astronaut Paolo Nespoli captured #meteors from #space for the first time. As he commented, he sees many meteors from #ISS but he was never able to get one on camera. Watch the upper right corner at 0:08. (Credit: Paolo Nespoli, ESA, NASA) http://livearth.space/blog/?p=2200&lang=en #LiVEARTH http://livearth.space/ #knowtheworld #earth #knowtheearth #EarthFromSpace #overview
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World’s first manmade meteor shower is actually going to happen, and now we know when · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Meteor showers are an awe-inspiring sight, and skywatchers often plan well in advance for their shot at spotting shooting stars as they rain down from the heavens. The rare events have, up until now, been a totally natural phenomenon, but one company is planning on turning on-demand meteor showers into big business, and it’s scheduled its first man-made shooting star showcase for early 2019. The company, called ALE, has created a spectacle it calls Sky Canvas, and it’s as close to controlled meteor showers as we may ever get. What makes it so interesting is that this isn’t some kind of slight of hand or illusion, but actual material dropped from special satellites burning up in the atmosphere to produce a brilliant light show overhead. It’s wild, wild stuff. Read more at BGR.com #news #tech #technology #science #nature #earth #space #meteors #meteorshower
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Composite image of the Leonid meteor shower combined with the Aurora Borealis in Alaska. All of these meteors were captured with my camera in the span of about 2.5 hours.
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The Day The Earth Slowed Still. . The Earth's Core Slows by several Milliseconds and the Entirety of The Earth's Topographical Surface Structures Will In Effect Experience Tumultuous Under Earth Torrents When Our Planet Regains its Rotational Normalcy. The InterAction Of Solar Plasma Proton Gravitational Forces Intersecting with Earths Electromagnetic Flux and Our Other Outer Planets will Weave Asymmetrical Woven Entanglements offsetting The Gamut of Our Solar System. #Jupiter Will Change in its Rotational Axis that Will Force Its Moons Into a Lunar Alignment that Will Engage the Entanglement for Realignment to ReEastablish Galactic Gravitational Mass Integrities within our Solar System. . Scientist have recently proven This #Astrophysics PREDICTION to Be Correct collaborating against archival data groups patterns & trends. However, the LANGUAGE Created by Author ARCTIC FALCON begins Predictive Postulation in 1990 to present day Using Specific Created Narratives revealing explicatives that Define The Dynamics in the Asymmetric Mechanisms involving QUALITATIVE and Quantitative Entanglements offsetting the InterConnecting Fluxes of the entire Solar Systemic Gravitational Mass Array "The Fabric" NOTE* This Narrative and All Predicted Postulations Projections Narratives and LANGUAGE wherein Hereof Are Copyright protected 2017 All Rights Reserved. . Give Ctedit to Style Methods Perspective Tooling Use of Revelation In thereof Its Inherent Intrinsic Purposeful Design as an Alternative Technological Methodology and Intellectual Property. . Read #PLASMAFAITHPHYSICS Order It Online WorldWide #astrophysics #filmproducer #astronomy #stars #water #space #time #moon #cern #gravitationalmass #law #galaxy #earth #sun #solarsystem #wine #saturn #Jupiter #meteors #earthquakes #storms #tallships #hurricanes #weather #sails
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A Moment Apart. Dark skies and Odesza... Doesnt get much better than that. Set up my first time lapse of the Leonoids Meteor Shower Saturday night. Working on editing it, but you know... art is hard, so here's a still to tide you over. #bigbendnationalpark #lookup #meteors #mountains #nightscapes #starynight #wideopenspaces
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