El Vaquero (Smokey, earthy and delicious) Mezcal + agave lime juice + egg white #drank #holidaydrinks #fancyshit #mexicanbelike #mexicanthing #drinks #tequila #mezcal
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The evil eye belief is that a person (not an evil person per se) can harm you or your children by looking at them with envy and praising them without touching them. It is believed that wearing this bracelet will ward off bad intentions or bad vibes, also known as "mal de ojo." It also has ties with the Jewish religion of wearing the thin scarlet or crimson string. Free with every purchase. #mexicanbelike #maldeojo #protectyoself #mexico #handmade
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#mexicanbelike #chevrolettruck because you know God is always there. In days where all has been wrong, in days where you thought yo were not making it, he is there taking care of you. You must know him, listen to him and somedays even pray a little... And look around you... what have you accomplished this year?
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