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a small appreciation post is WAY over due, especially for the guy that deserves a million appreciation posts a day. miles, there are so many words and thoughts that come to mind when i think of you. in the past almost nine months you have taught me so many things, and you have loved me unconditionally. i have no idea how to ever repay you for everything that you’ve done. you made me believe in love again, and that is something that i thought would never be possible. you have made me happy and more than content with my life. me before you, is an anastasia that i don’t even want to think about. she was an awful and unhappy person. nothing was ever good enough, even if it was near to perfection. meeting you was the BEST thing to ever happen to me. the first time i laid my eyes on you i saw what perfection truly was, not what my mind had told me it was. since that day, you’ve shown me that you are even more perfect than i thought. you’ll say, “i’m far from perfect, babe. i have so many flaws.” but baby, to me.. that is what makes you so perfect. you see your flaws, you acknowledge them,and you accept them. i could never do that, before you. i would see something about myself that society told me was wrong, and i would try my hardest to change it. i didn’t know how to accept myself until march, 27th of 2017. when i saw that a person could accept and love me for who i am/was, it made me believe that i could love and accept myself. thank you so much for teaching me how to love myself, miles. i love you more than words will ever express. i hope you’re doing well. talk to you soon. A.x ❤️
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This was taken late Wednesday night during the Geminid Meteor Shower, which was the first meteor shower I've ever witnessed, and i have a quote that exemplifies my experience:"My heart soars with the eagle's nest" #photography #photograph #photo #foto #canon #canon6d #24mm #illinois #winter #christmas #explore #wander #adventure #outdoors #recreation #travel #forest #hills #landscape #nature #stars #galaxy #night #astrology #astronomy #meteor #meteorshower #theoffice #theofficeus #michaelscott
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Christmas Party pics taken by Steve Carrell pc: @creedisfromthemoon
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At lunch with Meagan Me: try it? Her: no Me: why not? Her: once I get in my mouth I won’t be able to swallow it Me: that’s what she said 🤣🤣 #michaelscott #theoffice
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Another 2 for 1! auction time!  Starting at $10.  Free shipping (in the states, if you're outside the state's you can still bid, you'll just have to d.m. me about shipping!) $5 increments only! Just comment your bid.  None of that 5.01 nonsense! Going to let it run until 9p.m. est. Yay cheap original art! And this is Instagram only! Ready? GO!
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