dr-3 . The door opens. She steps in, “I'm home.” He is there and embraces her, “Hello stranger.” She relaxes in his arms, “Yes, stranger?” They smell cherry blossoms caught in her hair. . He tightens his embrace, “Roosters lie.” She rests herself against him, “Roosters?” . He casts his eyes over her shoulder to a cherry tree in their front yard, “They call hens to offer food. They still call when they've got no food. They'd pick up a twig, gravel, anything, and offer it.” She continues to loosen herself, “Is that lying?” “Perhaps not?” “Definitely not. Because what they offer then is their hearts.” . . #microstory #shortstory #microstories #shortstories #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #ショートショート #ショートストーリー #インスタ小説
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