[January 17, 2018] ✨ ••• Even if we saw you from the inside out, your beauty would remain intact. Your essence is as beautiful as your appearance, and therefore, even if it were inside out, it would have the light of who has its most beautiful feature in the heart. When you dress in a smile and parade your love, surely the world becomes more beautiful. Your soul is the best mirror of how beautiful you are, because, above all, it shows the true beauty, naturally, by everything that you give in each gesture. Whoever looks at you, in the first moment, is enchanted with what you see from the outside, but whoever loves you, at all times, is dazzled by what comes from within. You are beautiful, from every angle! 💗 ••• 🇧🇷 Ainda que lhe víssemos de dentro pra fora, tua beleza continuaria intacta. A tua essência é tão bela quanto tua aparência e, por isso, ainda que do avesso estivesse, teria a luz de quem tem seu traço mais bonito no coração. Quando você se veste de sorriso e desfila o teu amor, com certeza o mundo fica mais belo. Sua alma é o melhor espelho do quão lindo és, porque, acima de tudo, ela transparece a verdadeira beleza, de modo natural, por tudo aquilo que você doa em cada gesto. Quem te olha, no primeiro instante, se encanta com o que vê por fora, mas quem te ama, a todo momento, se deslumbra com o que vem de dentro. És belo, sob todos os ângulos! 💗 @mirandacosgrove || #mirandacosgrove #cosgrover #carlyshay #icarly #like4like #likeforlike #instagood #follow4follow #followforfollow
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@Regrann from @tanianguerra - I was absolutely starstruck when I saw @mirandacosgrove today at Disney!! She’s the first celebrity I’ve ever seen and I’ve loved her since she was in Drake and Josh! I was very hesitant to say hi because she looked like she was enjoying her day with beautiful @amelienicolette!! Didn’t end up saying hi but being this close to someone you’ve watched on tv for so long was awesome 😆😍❤️ . . #mirandacosgrove #cosgrover #cosgrovers #disneyland
3 hours ago
@Regrann from @coxcommunications - We sat down with Miranda Cosgrove, the voice of Margo in Despicable Me 3, to learn more about the movie. Check out Gru, the girls, and all the minions in Despicable Me 3, #nowplaying On Demand. Go to Ch. 1 > Movies or say "Despicable Me 3" into your Contour voice remote to watch. #mirandacosgrove #cosgrover #cosgrovers #despicableme3 #despicableme #minions #movies #video
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deep down in my heart i am still sleeping comfortably in my bed #mirandacosgrove
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Such a beauty! @mirandacosgrove #mirandacosgrove
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